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Breed pomegranate miniascape with layering law
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Pomegranate limb is soft, easy modelling, it is to shape quickly the good tree of the miniascape that make is planted. The characteristic that according to pomegranate bud force strong, survival rate helps advance somebody's career high, easily, the “ that uses a convention presses branch law ” , to pomegranate the tree has a choice to have high pressure, middling pressure and low pressure, get the thicker piling with good form, crash effect is very ideal.

Alleged high pressure, it is to be taken high press a branch. The high that establishs in lofty pomegranate namely chooses the limb that fits the miniascape that make to undertake pressing a branch; Alleged middling pressure, it is the mid alternative that establishs in pomegranate those who suit is truncal undertake pressing doing draw materials; Alleged and low-pressure, cultivate in pomegranate namely base the ministry undertakes controlling stake.

According to the requirement of laws of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of ability, when obtaining big pomegranate of one individual plant to cultivate, do not curium limb completely easily, should select the part that can make miniascape, undertake pressing a branch, pressure dry, those who remain is stub. Press this law choice, can be in 1 ~ controls limb stake in installment inside 2 years take, trees of such pomegranate of one individual plant can get the miniascape new plant of above of 3 individual plant the least.

Take high pressure branch, medium take pressure work and low take control stake, it is annulus of advanced below the branch, dry, condition that picket does not depart with the mother's body travel pares, again in the sandy soil that buy installs into polybag, make annulus pare place sends a root, depart again next the mother's body, make independent new plant. This way is quicker than effect of general layering law, better. Particular way is as follows:

One, annulus pares. The basis is place choosing branch, dry the degree of degree of finish with picket, undertake in the place that needs intercept bark annulus pares, deepness achieves xylem, width should is more than branch, one times with picket diameter drier, for example the diameter is in 2 ~ 3 centimeters limb, annulus pares bandwidth makes an appointment with 4 ~ 6 centimeters. Bark wants annulus to pare clean, otherwise not easy and rooted.
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