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The family is small-sized of miniascape make
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General component is small-sized miniascape 3 kinds big: Stub miniascape, give priority to with tree, condense the beauty of the moor forest of nature; Hill stone miniascape, give priority to with hill stone, behave the landscape scene of nature; Drought birdbath scene, comprise with stone, tree, earth, water, model a hill wonderful scenery. Drought birdbath situation also calls landscape miniascape. The landscape miniascape with a grand imposing manner is put in the sitting room, hang bit of calligraphy and painting again, wall of calm meeting bitter fleabane is added brightness.

Make small-sized stub miniascape, want to accomplish “ Qing Dynasty, strange, ancient, strange ” . Alleged “ clear ” , point to go up in composition of a picture gently a few, without Mao Xie of what numerous branch, take its deep and remote idea, “ strange ” , do not give a heart to grow namely, make the best use of the circumstances, use former embryo some to compare peculiar place to try to highlight hyperbole; “ ancient ” , it is vigrous and strong, with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with, posture is bony. , strange ” , no more than is to point to see and character. Stub is small-sized the draw materials of miniascape, should choose gainly, strong, root does force of individual plant short Xie Xiao, bud to become vivid, life peculiarly, easily to grow. Commonly used tree is planted have elm, in June bone of snow, Qiao Mei, compose, nandina, winter jasmine, wintersweet, maple, pomegranate, golden pheasant, azalea, wintersweet, thorny elaegnus, Song Bai kind etc.

Of hill stone miniascape make, want to choose good stone seriously above all. Have ” of soft rock of “ adamant ” and “ commonly two kinds big. Common adamant has tree fossil, stone, axe to break off 1000 stone of stone, stalactitic, clever wall, stone to wait. These stone that contain calcium carbonate are planted, encounter the moisture content that contains acid, the surface becomes all sorts of beautiful grain, groove and thirsty hole with respect to meeting corrosion. This kind of stone is planted in order to makes southern wonderful scenery most appropriate. Use this kind of stone like the scenery such as Guilin landscape, stone forest optimal. Common soft rock has arenaceous accumulate stone, floatstone, Hai Jingping stone, gallinaceous bone stone, reed to be in charge of stone to wait, these stone are planted pine of quality of a material is scanty, can bail grows liver mosses, easily plant of carve dibble in the seedsdibbling, the hill stone miniascape that makes heavy hill distant view is advisable. Choice stone body should emphasize consideration “ thin, leakage, fully, strange, knit, ugly ” 6 words, have elaborate design, treatment again next. For instance: Together thin model stone, very wide the foot of mountain is narrow, but the surface gives high above in the sky of “ stand like a wall, breed of Gu stand erect leans on the attitude of ” , look have graceful feeling. If be a leakage that stone has eye hole stone, can machine, make exquisite of its all sides, leak and decent, just like day is become. Fully model rock record is like sponge, way way is communicated, lightsome and gentle and graceful; Strange model contest of Shi Ruqun hill is beautiful, the horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak; Ugly model stone is aged Gu Zhuo, be like crazy if stay, ugly and not humble, the Tibet in clumsy is artful. When making miniascape of small-sized hill stone, the aesthetic appeal that wants him foundation and the skill that make, because of material different, act according to actual circumstances, each use up its clever.
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