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The path of the conserve of miniascape of Buddha abdomen bamboo
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The conserve of miniascape of Buddha abdomen bamboo basically notices to be controlled in its environment, water master, the content such as plastic skill:
(1) environment. The miniascape of Buddha abdomen bamboo of firm grow, irrigate after showing water, park is my left and right sides of day of L0 of shade place conserve, again park half Yin Banyang is in conserve 5 days, in setting warm and sunny, airiness, wet environment again next attentive conserve. Because basin earthen bowl is shallow Cheng Tu is little, the summer leaves root system of insolate easy injury in burning sun, reason wants proper my shade. At the beginning of Qiu Modong, when nightly lowest air temperature falls to be controlled to 5 ℃ , should immigrant and indoor, room temperature maintains control in 8 ℃ can, room temperature is exorbitant grow to the coming year adverse. In south, in the territory that wants a lee of exposed to the sun of embedded of basin earthen bowl only, can safe live through the winter.
(2) waters. Buddha abdomen bamboo is fond of moisture, want to often water, maintain soil wet, but inside the basin cannot seeper. The growth that the summer is it is exuberant period, air temperature tall, morning and evening should irrigate water each. After winter is immigrant and indoor, dirt of face of blade is much, want water of gush of face of proper Xiang Xie, make blade keeps fresh and green and beautiful.
(3) fertilizes. Fertilization of miniascape of Buddha abdomen bamboo is unfavorable and overmuch, fat water crosses ambassadorial branches and leaves steep long, the influence is beautiful, 3 ~ in September, apply the fluid fertilizer with rare become thoroughly decomposed every months can.
(4) plastics. Buddha abdomen bamboo grows faster, the branch that does not need to modelling should seasonable annihilate, lest use up nutrition. New student bamboo can inspect its configuration, the decision goes staying, if the length is short abdomen is big, although be affected somewhat to modelling, also should stay, wait for when dividing individual plant September other plant; If Xin Zhu does fine, section to grow, affect model again, answer seasonable annihilate.
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