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Because of,potted flowers lamina sends Huang Yuan
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-21 Examine a number: Keyword: Xia says? of ⒒ of  of ɑ Kou plating grows flowers blade sends Huang Yuan

Consequently development is restricted, if manage not to be pooh-poohed at ordinary times, conserve is undeserved, with respect to the painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style that can compare dew ground to help advance somebody's career more incidental leaf sends yellow phenomenon, light person appearance impair the excellence of, the person that weigh does individual plant death.

One, water is yellow: Water overmuch, basin earth seeper is long wet, cause oxygen of the lack in earth, bring about partial fibril decay, bibulous, ability suction fertilizer is consequently abate, cause tender leaf to become flaxen, beautiful Xie Ye becomes dark yellow gradually in succession. Should control instantly after discovery water, stop fertilization, and often loosen the soil, make basin earth breathes freely good. Come on serious, need will whole land from the emergence in the basin, in park dry hillock, make moisture rapid and oozy, in the basin is being grown afresh again after the branches and leaves that waits for prolapse recovers from an illness.

2, drought is yellow: Had watered little, or irrigate half water or leakage for a long time, make the moisture of blade evaporates be more than absorb, cause moisture to demand exceeds supply, also can cause blade hair to fizzle out. “ drought yellow ” is from bottom blade changes up gradually Huang Kujiao falls off, serious when petiolar prolapse submits wilting form. Need to move flowerpot immediately after discovery to shady and cool place, to the gush on face of blade some water, irrigate a few water. Restore gradually as cauline leaf later forceful, increase gradually again water quantity, if had irrigated much water abruptly right now, cause cytoplasmic wall depart likely, bioplasm is injured, and cause flowers to die.

3, fertilizer is yellow: Fertilization is overmuch, apply nitrogenous fertilizer especially overmuch and when lacking phosphor, potash fertilizer, cause blade easily to become yellow, expression is fleshy of new part of a historical period, face of blade mostly uneven, laoxie becomes yellow to fall off gradually, serious when Xie Jian is sere, whole even lamina is brown. Encounter this circumstance to should fertilize instantly, increase water quantity, let fertilizer be poured out of from osculum, or pour a basin instantly, chen Tu of take out part, and bathe develops earthy Tuo, change upside to divide new training ground, grow plant the basin afresh again inside.
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