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The crash method of ginkgo miniascape
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Ginkgo branch is withy, bud force is powerful, foliaceous form is beautiful, be like butterfly seem fan, cultivate elegance of form of primitive simplicity, in establish Yu Penang, criterion with simple nature, green meaning is filled with be filled with and make numerous miniascape lover has a special liking. Introduce miniascape of two kinds of ginkgo to everybody now crash method.

The first kind is the making method of ginkgo seedling miniascape. Annual in March ~ in April, before bud of ginkgo leaf bud, choose the seedling that 2 years ~ gives birth to 3 years to serve as raw material, apply go the gimmick that branch harbour does is bred. First bough top bite off, arrange with thick iron wire next in cultivating body radical ministry to insert earth greatly to underground, stick trunk to be twined closely up again, make according to tree form a series of cliff, inclined lie, the miniascape rudiment of the different form such as Long You. In July ~ in August, namely before midsummer can loosen the iron wire of spring colligation solution, wait for deep double ended radius sleeker backward reoccupy is fine iron wire general in those days the new branch of bud makes plastic coil plunge into. The 2nd year in March ~ in April, remove its before leaf bud bud piece, the basin on the ball that take land is bred, it is the ginkgo miniascape that of primitive simplicity of a modelling, branches and leaves luxuriants and well-spaced before long.

The 2nd kind is the making method of ginkgo stub miniascape. People is being transformed, when clip ginkgo is cultivated greatly, often curium a lot of limb, can the person that choose form actors or actress makes intermediate hammering block, can make ginkgo stub miniascape quickly. Its note has at 3 o'clock.

One, stock root system should develop. The size that inspects intermediate anvil decides to receive an amount, receive 3 individual plant commonly, into “ the situation of ” of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, if intermediate anvil is bulky or branch tip much, can receive 5 individual plant of ~ of 4 individual plant or more.

2, colligation should firm. Be in mechanism correspondence to assure the interface when grafting, curium the mouth needs to be cut with sharp on intermediate anvil smooth. Immerse its quickly in rooted agent solution, reoccupy immerses through rooted agent solution and the paper of air wraps a few. Hurt an organization more to be formed as soon as possible, interface place should be wrapped with weak iron sheet, screw with iron wire. Iron sheet width is not restricted, length in order to wind a week not contact is advisable.
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