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Miniascape is in a few respects of summertime plastics clip
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Clip of plastics of Jing Zaixia season of? of eddy of  of chrysanthemum of collect of know well of branchwooden fork bully, in summertime plastics clip, a few of summertime plastics clip, a few of season plastics clip, a few of plastic clip square miniascape are in a few respects of summertime plastics clip:
1, pick a heart
Arboreous miniascape is before new branch lignification, pick the growing point of tender tip tip with finger. Cypress kind pick a heart general from May the last ten-day of a month begins, appropriate uses finger, if use scissors, cut part will be rusty, the influence is viewed and admire. Xia Mo can be picked again. Qi kind, the Chinese littleleaf box of Mu Benhai Tang, melon seeds broadleaf that takes hair new tip more easily, general new tip 2-3 piece (right) leaf, take out tender head, the meeting after half moon regerminate, can pick again.
2, select a part of a historical period
In the Beginning of Autumn to arboreous miniascape around has plastic crop very the heart wants, conduce to the beautiful pattern that keeps arboreous, reduce the loss of nutrient plastics clip, raise tree to suffer the capacity of climate fighting heat. At the same time after clip, can make tree grows new bud again, increase view and admire value.
Yu Yu, Qi kind, the hardwood such as ginkgo, pomegranate, the Laoxie with summertime not beautiful general is excised entirely. The chairman after half moon gives the new page of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person. Selecting a paragraph of period after the leaf, can chase after apply fertilizer of fluid of 2-3 second become thoroughly decomposed, make sure foliation is good.
3, flower thinning, fruit thinning
Chinese littleleaf box of 5 needles pine, melon seeds, cypress kind the beautiful fruit that waits for tree, without view and admire value, can excise in time, lest use up nutrient. Watch tree of fruit of flower, view, if flower, fruit crosses flourishing, also need scanty go be being spent partly cultivate in order to maintain if really situation. After the flower such as azalea, crape myrtle withers, cut go incomplete is beautiful, can avoid to use up nutrition, make at the same time budding grow.
4, lop
Undertake in around of the Beginning of Summer commonly. The principle of clip is beautification tree form is mixed be helpful for tree growing. The growth that should consider tree characteristics, cannot affect blossom and bear fruit. Deadwood and ill bug branch should at any time annihilate and burn down, prevent to spread, transmission; Excessive growth branch also wants annihilate, too close branch wants scanty except, guo Changzhi is cut appropriately short; Alternate branch, jackknife branch and branch of other influence formative need crop; The part that be short of a branch should notice revulsive filling branch, make tree body whole. Want to notice when clip: Do not cut when burning hot high temperature, scissors must sharp, cut a mouth to want smooth, bigger cut but seal protection.
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