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The indoor miniascape vegetable that raises easily
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More and more people like those who nod grass to raise some of flower to plant indoors now, also many people like to put a few miniascape indoors, but what miniascape is put indoors already beautiful good nurturance everybody compares the topic of attention, introduce for everybody here a few suit indoor good raised miniascape vegetable.

Houseplant is given priority to with observing a part of a historical period, conserve of this kind of plant is easier.

Big potted plant: Get rich umbrella of tree, Long Xieshu, green trailing plants, beryl, ruby, great part of a historical period, medicinal powder leaf of banyan of iron of avalokitesvara of water of end certain herbaceous plants with big flowers, balata, drop, Chinese cassia tree, green Xiang Yu the Conqueror, Holand, money, Chun Yu, heart is fond of Lin Yu (.

Small potted plant: Ball of Lu Hui, celestial being, mottled bamboo is arrowroot of beautiful leaf arrowroot, wave arrowroot, green apple, beautiful arrowroot, Maobing is arrowroot, rose arrowroot, trichromatic Pi Jiaocao of grass of face of arrowroot, peacock arrowroot, lens, watermelon.

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