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Cure sparrow plum miniascape to have artful ability
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Want to cure sparrow plum miniascape, basically should notice earth of water, fertilization, basin, clip and plant diseases and insect pests prevent and cure these 5 respects, a few methods introduce below:

One, water wants enough, uses water wait for natural water with river water, pond water, rainwater had better. If use tap water to require reserve 9 days, make among them chlorine runs reoccupy, more appropriate. Those who contain soap wash clothes water, and have smeary the water that pledges with salt can be used anything but.

2, fertilization wants to pay attention to, fertilizer is applied too much, excessive growth of branches and leaves, be short of slim and fragile of fertilizer criterion branch, xie Se becomes yellow, suffer plant diseases and insect pests easily. So fertilization should have a principle: New plant, go up first basin, firm change a basin, cannot fertilize inside a month that root system is injured. When Chun Xia, basin tree grows busy season, must fertilize more. Enter after autumn, basin tree grows slow should apply less. Winter, basin tree enters dormancy to be able to stop fertilization. Of wet or midsummer around is unfavorable midday fertilization. Employ fat fluid had better be in cloudy day or dusk, loosen the soil wants when basin earth is a bit dry, enter at fat waterlogging with benefit in earth. To make fertilizer is decomposed quickly, must drench in the morning the following day water.

3, basin earth is close friends, sparrow plum stub grows in feral region so, root system develops, be able to bear or endure drought is able to bear or endure waterlogged, once be collected to dig by people, grow in very close in shallow basin, unripe chief condition is restricted, die if conserve is undeserved easily, want particularly fine understand without being told to expect so. Want to choose the beautiful mud with good drainage, during conserve, basin earth had better be put some thicker. Every other changes new ground two years, discharge some base manure, protective soil is rich, ability makes picket scene grows normally.

4, clip wants timely, general clip time, be in spring end and Qiu Chu are advisable, force of bud of stub of plum of these two seasonal sparrow is the most powerful, the way corp is growing most of flourishing. To excessive growth branch, jackknife branch, across branch, radiation branch, deadwood, plant diseases and insect pests the branch should be cut at any time. But want to notice, when weather is torrid, easy and burnable new bud, as a result coils leaf, accordingly, after clip, the ability after it is gemmiparous and normal to had better be put in shady and cool place to wait for sees strong light.
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