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Stub miniascape the four seasons fertilizes 3 points
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Beard  branchwooden fork the four seasons of miniascape of picket of? of ┓ of 8 collect joint of bones fertilizes 3, miniascape the four seasons fertilizes 3 should

The method of application of stub miniascape is very fundamental, if fertilization is overmuch, excessive growth of branches and leaves; If be short of fertilizer, criterion vimineous slim and fragile, xie Se becomes yellow, meet with easily insect pest of catch a disease catch a disease. So, here introduces the method of scientific at 3 o'clock fertilization for you:

Because measure,be. Stub miniascape dose should master a few for many times principle, every time dose wants little, should rare; The miniascape with big stub and prosperous branches and leaves should fertilize more appropriately; Answer to be applied less conversely; General the Beginning of Spring arrives the Beginning of Autumn inside this one longer exuberant growth period, should every other uses rare fertilizer water 10 days, namely 3 7 water, fertilizer, the 2 hydrogen of phosphoric acid of % of usable also 4—6 potassium, Chun Quan 883, the liquid fertilizer such as fertility treasure, Hui Manfeng makes fertilize outside the root an effect will be better, after the Beginning of Autumn but every other 20 days of employ fertilizer, and dose should gradually decrease, hind of the Beginning of Winter fertilizes no longer;

2 because of,be fat. Nitrogenous fertilizer can make plant grow prosperous, pregnant bud is much, the excrement and urine of person cultivate size that commonly used nitrogenous fertilizer has soya-bean cake, ammonium sulphate, urea and become thoroughly decomposed of classics high temperature; Phosphate fertilizer stimulative design and color is gorgeous, fructification hypertrophy, if apply calcium superphosphate, broken aggregate. Phosphoric acid of the gush outside the root 2 hydrogen Potassium; Potash fertilizer stimulative root system develops, material is carried, plant is strong, of constant employ wait like potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, plant ash, also but the gush outside the root uses phosphoric acid solution of 2 hydrogen Potassium; The circumstance should grow to fertilize respectively according to plant in the meantime, plant by the tree even character and grow circumstance and master neatly surely.

3 because of,be when. New the cultivated, stub potted landscape that the basin goes up first or changes clay newly, because root system is injured, can not fertilize temporarily, wait for beginning of spring of the coming year or tree of Chu Xia, basin grows flourishing flower fertilizes more; Into after autumn basin the tree grows slow should little fertilization, winter basin tree already entered rest period to should stop fertilization; In wet or midsummer high temperature around is unfavorable midday fertilization, because of wet fertilization Yi Liu is broken, hurt root system easily; And when high temperature, water portion evaporates fast bring about fat fluid chroma exorbitant and cause burn a root; The fertilization when cloudy day or dusk is best; When the earth that be like a basin works a bit, should first the fireweed inside eliminate basin, and after loosen the soil, fertilize again; In be buried of so advantageous fat waterlogging, make fertilizer be decomposed quickly be absorbed and use, can avoid medicine to kill again at the same time;
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