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The 4 sort of miniascape root ministry
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Kang Nai of  of branchwooden fork case is troubled by cast modelling of ministry of root of? has the following 4 sort.
It is dew root, dew root makes carry a root again, get on root system namely the abundant side root system of the one share thick certificate of the ministry offers earthy range, its purpose is to show its are aged of primitive simplicity, it is to make partial root hangs ungual dew, show the beauty of its attitude. Its method is as follows:
The formulation on 1. : Say to change basin way again, this law is union when changing a basin, raise root system year after year up cultivated, develop one part soil with water next, make upside root system shows earthy side gradually. Necessary when the root system that shows to place according to picture requirement even undertakes handling. If cross close or redundant root system to want to undertake deleting, or distributing to thick root undertake be adjustmented appropriately.
2. Sha Peifa: In planting tree deeper basin, bottom is filled with rich soil, upside is filled with river sand, absorb floral root system introduces bottom, next the river of upside of eliminate of year after year is sanded, the share that shows thick account advocate lateral root is, move again inside the person's average basin, the root of upside is shown namely. Root ministry is arranged Alexandrine.
3. imposes a standard: The height that this law applies to flowerpot is insufficient, the upside in flowerpot the four tile all round or other data, be like thin board, plastic piece, in order to raise the height of flowerpot. When cultivated tree, fill fill river sand with soil or bottom filling upside, when waiting for tree to absorb root system to extend person bottom, soil of upside of again progressively purify or river are sanded, get off the content such as tile shows upside root system. Shanghai miniascape creates tear open a law and this identical.
2 it is to lead energy of life rooted, banyan and other the tree with incidental rooted gas is phyletic, can cause energy of life into pedestrian labour rooted, its practice is, preexistence is about to send angry and rooted branch place, plunge into a circle with tinsel, cut off a plant to carry the channel of nutrient downward. Make nutrient gathers at here. Plunge into list of a gauze outside eyelet next, the prolapse that makes comes basin face, put a bowl of clear water at basin face again, in the clear water of immerge of one aspect of the matter of will sanded cloth, moisture is faced through sand on ooze is in to eyelet, create the environment with a very high humidity, the energy of life that makes prolapse of the place happening is rooted. Notice eyelet is in even before be immersed in cerebral cortex, want seasonable annihilate, avoid to be immersed in cerebral cortex, influence tree grows and view and admire.
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