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Miniascape choosing basin is important also
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: After branchwooden fork ends arboreous miniascape of? of plaque of ∨ Ping storehouse in modelling or be being finished basically, be about to choose a proper basin earthen bowl, basin earthen bowl wants in the respect such as appearance, size, color with arboreous photograph echo, want to have the effect of good foil main body, make characteristic of main body plastic arts double ground coruscate comes out. Cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, cannot focus the attention of the person that admire to basin earthen bowl to come up only.
Above all the size of the basin wants proper, it is grow from floral the characteristic will consider, be like chosen basin earthen bowl too big, store water is overmuch, influence plant grows. Serious meeting produces sodden root phenomenon because of long-term seeper.
Another it is the composition of a picture from the picture will consider, the relation between the size of the basin and tree wants to coordinate, cannot pass with the basin big, also cannot pass with the basin small, form top-heavy.
Generally speaking, the caliber of the basin should be less than the limits of crown of a tree, the appropriate of jungly type uses shallow ~ some basin, the area in the basin wants a bit more largish, in order to behave certain dimensional limits. Straight Gan Shiyi uses a bit more shallow tub, qu Gan, inclined dry, lie the tub that Gan Yi uses medium deepness. Cliff type appropriate uses 1000 tubes of deep tubs.
The appearance that is basin earthen bowl again has all directions form, rectangle, circle, elliptic. Uses tub also wants the modelling photograph echo with tree. If expression is vigrous and forceful the arboreous miniascape of a kind of imposing manner, appropriate uses the basin earthen bowl of straight line, namely the basin of all directions form or rectangle, in order to express powerful. If behave the arboreous miniascape with downy attitude, criterion the basin earthen bowl that lines of melody of appropriate in order to gives priority to, namely circle, elliptic basin, in order to behave the beauty of a kind of downy gentle and lovely. Inclined Gan Shiyi is used rectangle, elliptic more shallow basin, from Lin Shi, close grow the formal appropriate such as the type, type that add stone to use rectangle or elliptic shallow tub.
The colour of the basin wants downy, general appropriate is dark unfavorable and gorgeous, the verve photograph that also should behave with arboreous place is harmonious, like the Song Bai with verdant the four seasons kind miniascape appropriate uses tub of brunet violet arenaceous contented, square can more show its the imposing manner of vigrous of primitive simplicity. Thorn of gules wintersweet, fire, Tie Genghai Tang can match white basin or baby blue basin.
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