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The classification of branch of miniascape branch avoid reachs an operation
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: The classification of branch of avoid of branch of scene of? of Mu of Φ of Shao of Qiong of μ of branchwooden fork pa, the classification of vimineous avoid branch and, the classification of avoid branch and it is more good to make miniascape whole is looked at to hold look, smooth, this needs cut away ” of branch of avoid of a few “ , avoid branch is mainDistribute the following kind:
Celiac branch: From the branch that bent inside of the bine grows, if there is good branch around, cut off it from root ministry.
Alternate branch: Between branch mutual across, cut away or correct with metallic thread.
Go against a branch: Xiang Zhigen is outspread, cut away or correct with metallic thread.
Establish a branch: Momentum threw into confusion too by force tree form, cut away.
Fall branch: (the branch that be down) still can throw into confusion without imposing manner not only tree form, cut away.
Wheel branch:
Parallel branch: Not be right-and-left parallel, be in however the position of close, grow a two branches that are the same as direction, choose one branch to stay maintain a branch to arrange, cut off.
Dash forward branch:
Sunken form branch: Emperor 荲 glyph shows the branch that U glyph grows however. Thicker word cuts off it.
Branch of be well versed in: Reef of Gu of  of lie of tip of ジ of ┚ of Qia gun Dong is shown relatively Dian of Lu of M of Zhu Huai of ≡ of  of Ting You Yu
Axil branch:  of Γ of paper instrument  Dian of Lu of  of dredge of ㄑ of Mou Huan of Bao of Ω  こ

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