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  New Henan net makes prosperous in on September 4 report (Chun Jiang of Wu Yang of reporter He Xiaocong) yesterday afternoon, the reporter learns on the press conference that from Xu Chang city people government holds, the 8th when held on September 28 Central Plains flowers and trees trades exposition (Hua Bo meets abbreviation) , its sponsor an unit already promote saves people government for national forestry bureau and Henan, and go to a Central Plains flowers and trees trade of exposition advocate hold an unit to be Henan to save government of people of forestry hall and Xu Chang city. Sponsor unit norms rise, the mark is worn Central Plains flowers and trees is held to trade in county of Henan Yan hill exposition has traded by a local, regional flowers and trees exposition grows to trade for the flowers and trees of countrywide limits exposition...

News briefing spot

The painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style that county of Henan Yan hill has the chiliad on the move helps advance somebody's career the history, element has " beautiful county " say, be famed whole nation " the countryside of Chinese flowers and trees " and " countrywide flowers produces demonstrative base " , enjoy " the world of coronal of Yan hill wintersweet " high reputation. Since 2001, spend the promotion that rich meets through 7, henan Yan hill already turned " well known into " by " of " unknown to public, and the says Henan makes Chang Conghua rich can be obtained the biggest gain that has Wei Dou of the Three Kingdoms is, attracted large quantities of tourists and investor.

Flowers and trees of the 8th Central Plains trades exposition with " zoology, open, win-win " for the theme, highlight industry of flowers and trees of hill of Xu Chang, Yan, and the one large window that candle plum is current Fair. According to introducing, current Hua Bo is met the emblem is with " candle plum " , " greenery " , " flowerpot " change butterfly to design elemental human nature, the elephant that mascot is indicative Henan " Yu Yu " .

According to introducing, company of famous flowers and trees all shows famous expert of home of a few international and international will attend rich of flowers and trees of current Central Plains to meet. During Hua Bo is met, still will hold forum of high level of industry of flowers and trees, domestic and international famous expert, scholar and enterprise of large and famous flowers and trees are in charge of put up with industry of domestic and international flowers and trees grows a tendency, the one department issue such as the stimulative effect that industry of zoology culture, flowers and trees develops to economic society spreads out discuss, industry of communication flowers and trees grows technical information to wait. In the meantime, government of people of the hall of construction of province of committee of news of society of Chinese scenery gardens, Henan, city that make prosperous is returned in will running the throughout the country jointly, afforest of small town park works seminar.
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