The 26th chrysanthemum can kick off on October 18 advocate park of booth of asse
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On August 27 afternoon, china unseals conference of member of ensemble of beautiful conference organizing committee holds the 26th chrysanthemum. The conference discussed China to unseal the 26th chrysanthemum spends can overall program. Zhou Yizhong of Liu Changchun of secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor points out, want innovation of base oneself upon, the feast that current chrysanthemum can turn Gao Shuiping into. Zhou Yizhong moderates. City leads Zhu Liping, Chen Guozhen, Wang Xuejie, Li Liuxin, Jiang Meilan to attend the meeting.

According to introducing, china unseals the 26th chrysanthemum spends meeting general to was held on November 18 at coming on October 18, chrysanthemum is met advocate the assembly room is set in Long Ting park, in the meantime, in Zhu Xian town and anxious abundant salary commemorate the place such as garden installs 13 chrysanthemum to be able to divide an assembly room. During chrysanthemum is met, the our city will hold large chrysanthemum flower show to surpass an activity, make one's rounds of large and literary evening party, festooned vehicle swims the literary activity such as the performance, china collects culture (unseal) forum series activity, " Song Dou sees chrysanthemum of flourishing age success · sweet " personalized stamp issues an activity, the project is recommended and the autograph makes an appointment with high-quality goods of art of pottery and porcelain of first ceremony, China to collect the economic and trade activity such as exposition, "Swim fall " travel recommends an activity, ancient a cultural relic exhibits kind of brigade · Nanhai that finds a root, unseal high-quality goods of holding cultural relic is exhibited, the 10th unseals contest of city teenage painting and calligraphy and 100 Mi Changjuan eulogy fall the culture sports activity such as the activity, the of all kinds activity such as Cultural Festival of Central Plains cate more than 40.

On the conference, each concerned branch chief is met to chrysanthemum cloth of opening ceremony, chrysanthemum is exhibited, activity of sports of punish of sanitation of environment of the appearance of a city, urban traffic punish, economic and trade activity, culture, travel activity and safety are guarded, conduct propaganda recieves those who wait for each job to prepared a circumstance to make a report.

Liu Changchun points out, annual chrysanthemum flower is met, the our city held 25 successfully already, this year is the 26th. Each should raise chrysanthemum to be able to make preparations further about the branch working initiative, enthusiasm, running good this department while the door works, had done harmonious cooperate, ensure current chrysanthemum can want to have innovation, grade should rise further, consequence should expand further, can do current chrysanthemum weller.

Zhou Yizhong asks, should perfect China to unseal further the 26th chrysanthemum spends can overall program. Each county area, departmental door wants active advocate the ground begins the work, make the best of time to fulfil program requirement. Each focal point that should have paid current chrysanthemum to meet with all one's strength works.
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