First Nanning Hua Yibo is seen can attract numerous photography lover
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By association of Guangxi culture industry, Nanning those flowers are spent art flower art exposition is in first Nanning that project of hope of town of finite liability company, Nanning coachs committee is sponsorred jointly 30 days the international exhibition center is held.

30 days morning, come from Korea Zheng Huashun of flower art Great Master holds chair of flower art special performance, forSpend shopOperator is mixed on dedication of flower art lover the beautiful skill that wonderful confused shows. And come round to join exhibit domestic and international flowers the outdoors wedding spot that the spot such as gardens of each district of retail owner, whole nation decorates organization of enterprise of horticultural production distribute, flowers, flowers spends sweet 4 excessive, sweet romance, audience in succession body buy takes a picture among them take a photo as a souvenir. The land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another art that gets broad citizen attention fully demonstrates the eye that also attracted a lot of audiences.

See in current Hua Yibo on the meeting, leave precious commemoration day to let flower art exposition, the organizing committee still holds photography contest at the same time. The flower that comes from the country such as Korea, Japan, United States, France and Brazil art Great Master tribute gives a variety of flowers art high-quality goods is sending out gorgeous artistic glamour, generation cannot duplicate more very much, put right now landscape only, offer a rare opportunity for professional photography personage and photography lover.

It is reported, flower art exposition ended on September 1, will hold beautiful dream commonweal activity that day, income contribution of funds gives " hope project " . [Origin: In channel of new network GuangxiIn channel of new network Guangxi