Guangdong builds wide Buddha flower to trade the center is used 9 years before t
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The reporter learns 15 days from government of Guangdong Nanhai district, to carry on Guangzhou cityFlowerIndustrial move, the Huang Qi 漖 in mouth of cellar or pit for storing things of proximate Guangzhou city expresses Nanhai the market of Hua Nahua grass that village build covers an area of nearly 90 mus, 2 OO9 year can throw before the Spring Festival use.
As we have learned, market of the flowers austral newly-built Nanhai China and Guangdong is at present provincial the biggestFlowerTrade the market the market austral fragrant village mountain only apart 200 meters, because latter land function produces change, market of the flowers austral Nanhai China will continue directly the industrial move of market of the flowers austral Guangzhou mountain, become wide Buddha therebyFlowerTrade center.
According to Nanhai area big drop presses down governmental official Li Shaotang to introduce, project of market of the flowers austral Nanhai China is divided period construction, head period in 2 OO9 year the investment before the Spring Festival is used. The business affairs hotel that flowers market project includes above of class of a 4 stars reachs two number of plies of 10 thousand square metreFlowerTrade place, always invest a RMB seven yuan.
Market of the flowers austral the Nanhai China after building is divided 1/3 the left and right sidesFlowerYield for place, the others is majorFlowerThe Holand that is the Kunming and other places from Chinese home and abroad, France is airborne come over.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, the market of fish of bug of fragrant village painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of Guangzhou with afforest potted give priority to, arrange world of flowers of heart Chen Cun to be given priority to in order to cultivate, FlowerWholesale and retail give priority to, can saying is to go each its.