The 7th China (Jinan) garden rich can ask for mascot and propagandist catchword
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Shun net dispatch The 7th China (Jinan) exposition of international gardens flowers will be held in Jinan in May 2010 at will coming on September 26, 2009. Conference organizing committee announced garden gain on September 16, will this month 20 days come mascot and propagandist catchword are collected to the society during November 20.

Current garden rich is met the theme is " culture inheritance, scientific progress " . The mascot that collect and name should highlight current garden rich meeting characteristic, reflect the culture inside information that sponsors urban Jinan, the animal that has fontal city distinguishing feature in order to suffer what the masses loves, plant or other prototype are chief source, model is distinctive and kind and lovely, original, colour is formed concise, bright, able to read aloud fluently of name the sound of reading aloud, travel easily. Propagandist catchword should behave the glamour that Jinan garden rich meets and characteristic, the language is common, concise, vivid, lively.

Mascot design draft can be met through garden rich official website ( upload or the black and white draft of post A4 book size and color stalk of grain each 2, match work to create concept and design specification. Propagandist catchword also can upload through official website or send to organizing committee office with form of correspondence, email (address: Road of case of jade of the area in Jinan city town 27; Postcode: 250002; Phone: 053182059162; Contact: Liu Jinmei, Yuan exceeds) . Contribution makes clear detailed connection means please () of address of phone of full name, Id date, connection, communication.

The organizing committee judges constituent expert, learned man a first prize 1, reward 10 thousand yuan; Second-class award 2, each reward 8000 yuan; Third class award 3, each reward 1000 yuan. Propagandist catchword is selected 5, each reward 2000 yuan.