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View " butterfly love a flower " beautiful scenery, enjoy 1000 appearance the strange stone of 100 condition, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of the painter that taste a book blows hard, those who learn flower art Great Master is wonderful absolutely vivid. Yesterday reporter from Chongqing organizing committee of exposition of the 4th flowers learns, rich culture activity will aid a Hua Bo to meet.

The 4th meeting that spend rich will open act grandly on October 5 at coming on September 29. According to introducing, put flying peace with a lot of opening ceremonies columbine different, the meeting that spend rich will be put fly the butterfly of 9999 multicoloured. At the appointed time, the butterfly that has dance lightly sheds what put at exhibiting Yan Nu repeatedlyFlowerOn, wander about the beautiful sea mile in many mus 3000, spread out gives beautiful " butterfly love a flower " picture scroll.

Admire the beauty of flowers, citizens are OK still saw with one's own eyes is witnessed spend famously domestic and internationally art the Great Master appearances display art, the flower that comes from country and the area such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao art the Great Master will be right the flower has perfect explanatory note another time.

The work of a person of academic or artistic distinction of countrywide painting and calligraphy that occupies one of activities of series of the meeting that spend rich invites postpone chief introduction, painter of many 50 domestic top-ranking book is offerred to exhibit willingly make complacently, more than 150 work general that include the famous expert such as Shen Peng, Ouyang Zhongshi and citizen meet.

First strange stone of Chongqing city that synchronism holds is exhibited on, will exhibit 400 various and of all kinds rare some view and admire handicraft of stone, gardens stone, strange stone to wait, by its configuration cent waves for melon and fruit sweet, life is 100 condition, strange 5 series such as life of world of Shi Chengyan, animal, landscape.

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