Shandong Linyi: First flowers exposition enters planning preparation phase
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Chinese gardens net on September 25 message: Came on September 29 on October 3, first flowers exposition will be in Shandong Linyi flowers market holds Lu Na. 23 days morning, market of Lu Na flowers already exhibited the cloth that covers an area of 6000 much square metre field rise high into the air ends, and decorate plan to also be pushed make public invite public bidding to the society. From this, make one's bow of first flowers exposition preparatory phase.

The course seeks an opinion with all possible means, the organizing committee heads sweet-scented osmanthus finally surely a flowers exposition will be beautiful, in order to highlight " the flower of flourishing age, harmonious Linyi " theme. As we have learned, first flowers exposition is sponsorred by municipal government, government of collect bank division and city forestry bureau undertake jointly, it is municipal Party committee, municipal government develops in the round to promote trade of whole town flowers, a when build harmonious Linyi significant move. Had run this flowers fair, be helpful for flowers enterprise combining scientific research and manufacturing phase, strengthen new breed to breed, drive standardization production, prosperity of stimulative flowers industry develops.

Now morning, 3 professional corporations are taking what engineer meticulously to decorate originality, hurry to market of Lu Na flowers to bid to the organizing committee, pulled open first flowers exposition formally prepare prelusive. According to introducing, first flowers exposition becomes fruit with science and technology; Flowers, potted plant, delicacy cuts flower, miniascape, view and admire nursery stock kind; Admire carve of stone, root, view and admire fish; Land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another and artistic, Spend shopDecorate, flower art is designed kind wait to be met to exhibit content. Each county area is engaged in flowers cultivating, the farmer of the business such as production, sale, scientific research, base, company, market, Spend shop, the individual waits, all can sign up attend to be exhibited this meeting.

Provide a capacious communication platform to give first flowers exposition, market of Lu Na flowers already rise high into the air the field of 6000 much square metre. According to current plan, first flowers exposition will extend phase at entering cloth on September 26. On exposition of current painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style, will establish award of achievement of science and technology, award of flowers item on display, admire carve of stone, root, view and admire award of piscine item on display, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another and artistic, Spend shop
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