Exhibition of first flower vegetation is in Iran Teheran kicks off
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Mention Iran, what people can think of above all is oil and carpet certainly. But actually, iran also isFlowerExport big country. Iran relies on exit every year onlyFlowerThe foreign currency of earn exceeded 30 million dollar. A few days ago, iranian headFlowerVegetation exhibition kicks off in capital Teheran.

Come from Holand, Spain, Italy, France and middle east area the florist of each countries entered an exhibition.

   FlowerIt is main export product of Iran, FlowerExit created the foreign currency income that does not poor every year for Iran. Lu Xi is engaged in namelyFlowerCultivate the businessman with exit, his client comes from abroad entirely.

Iranian florist Lu Xi: The product of major florist does not supply home market, our biggest customer is the circumjacent country of Persian Gulf area, because these countries are lacked,suit to cultivateFlowersoil and water.

   FlowerExit also drove a batch of relevant industries at the same time. According to statistic, in Iran, withFlowerConcerned industry exceeded hundreds kinds. In these relevant products, rose water is most famous. Province of rarely of law of mid Yi Si blocks Yu Yilang of v/arc be on the throne upperly still, it is the Cavell with famous Iran a of saline desert brim tremendous oasis, advantaged natural condition brought up here unique pink " Muhanmodi rose " . Card still owns plantation of 850 hectare rose, can pluck every year 3000 tons of roses, these roses can make a water of 6000 tons of high grade roses, among them 1500 tons are used at exit.

Can say, besides oil and carpet, FlowerIt is another product that makes Iranian proud. Because of Iran not only produce a flower, also be at the same time a lot ofFlowermatrix, among them tulip of Dutch national flower comes from archaic Persia namely.

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