Green state city prepares Hua Bo meticulously to meet
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During Hua Bo can come, beneficial is street regard job of current a center as to catch preparatory job of the meeting that spend rich, center manpower, material resources, high level has done each preparatory work, strive to do a Gao Shuiping, distinctive to spend rich to meet.

Punish environment is wholesome. According to many main force inside street area under administration perforative, it is green administrative division on the west the circumstance of the gate, solid began an environment integrated punish. Wait for trunk road region and environment of department of urban and rural union to undertake the key is administered to line of line of money of customer of glue aid railroad, 309 nation, concentration clears fireweed, rubbish, chaos builds chaos to build, show green city image with clean and neat appearance. Began prohibit burning straw acts, establish team of special go on a tour of inspection, fulfil a cadre to include village system of job responsibility, severity is investigated burn straw behavior; Guide masses to begin straw to return cropland, use straw to make feed, implementation straw is used integratedly, assure air environment quality.

Elaborate design cloth is exhibited. Established level of a secondary division to lead leading technical work team, rely on in cloth to exhibit project spot, help construction team has done each harmonious, servive routine in time. Cloth is exhibited hold to high level conception, it is with deep banner city culture and high-grade orchid show content, with butterfly flying banner city extends a theme as cloth, strive to accomplish a theme bright, position is unique. Current, already finished character statue to make with project of cobble path laid, the 7452 individual plant of elaborate make choice of is high-grade butterfly orchid and plant of model of 140 individual plant are in the decoration.

Had done lend situation implied meaning. Lead flowers nursery stock door of course of study expands quickly cultivate dimensions, introduce variety of high-grade flowers nursery stock, beautiful rich of have the aid of can drive course of study of flowers nursery stock do do greatly strong; Chose steely content meticulously to shed garden 2 period the preparation after the project such as the project is packed meticulously is in Hua Bo is recommended on the meeting, have the aid of spends rich to be able to achieve the big breakthrough of capital attraction. ※ Wang Fu is street and serious carry out fulfil whole town Hua Bo to be able to prepare the job to arouse the spirit of congress, can prepare Hua Bo as current a main political task will catch, extend train of thought ceaselessly, firm catchs responsibility to fulfil, had done each preparatory work with all one's strength.

It is to strengthen constituent leader. Take the lead by main leader, establish Hua Bo to be able to arrange working party, hold special subject to attemper the conference undertakes study deploy to arranging the job, make working plan, clear responsibility divides the work, fulfil responsibility strictly, be in charge of total by main leader, leader of be assigned personal responsibility for relies on to go up catch, discharge time limit for a project, accelerate plan, ensure finish each equipment to postpone the job ahead of schedule.
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