Collaboration of Fujian stage painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chin
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Fujian and Taiwan the communication of course of study of two ground flowers and cooperative history are long. As a result of well-known reason, ceng Zhong is broken quite long. Develop quickly as mainland reforming and opening and economy, the communication of industry of Fujian stage painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style and collaboration are frequent with each passing day, limits is extended ceaselessly, content is ceaseless and rich, effect is very apparent. Up to by 2007, the Fujian Province has had company of stage endowment flowers many 130, investment amount exceeds 150 million dollar, year sale is close 1 billion yuan of RMBs, occupy Fujian to save flowers to sell the 1/4 of amount completely about. According to not complete count, 1990 ~ between 2007, fujian introduced flowers new breed from Taiwan or vestibule business early or late nearly 1000, flowers helps advance somebody's career, processing technique is close 100, effectively promoted the promotion of industry of Fujian Province flowers and development.

Fujian stage collaboration has advantaged advantage.

It is an area advantage. Two ground are located in same latitude, longitude also close, congeneric semi-tropical area, the environment requirement such as climate, geography is similar, flowers line of the products, help advance somebody's career and plow technical close.

2 it is advantage of ground predestined relationship. Fujian stage has advantage of distinct ground predestined relationship, only of one water lie between. Fujian smooth pool is apart from Taiwan new bamboo only 68 sea mile, xiamen Tongan and Taiwan small golden gate are in Fujian to have many meters 1000 only recently. 80% ancestral home are in Taiwan brethren Fujian, dou Hefu of language, culture, custom, habit proposes close. These advantages, for Fujian stage flowers communication collaboration offerred distinctive condition.

3 it is policy advantage. After reforming and opening, the country increases pair of Fujian to support strength, established Xiamen special economic zone early or late, 4 Taiwan businessmen such as Xiamen sea dark blue, Jimei, apricot forest and Fuzhou horsetail invest an area, ping Yongfu of Zhangzhou Zhang riverside, Zhang poineering garden of 2 Taiwan farmer, division of test of cross-strait agriculture collaboration already from the Zhangzhou at the beginning of holding water, Fuzhou two ground, expand to Fujian to be saved completely, to including flowers line of business inside agricultural development gave huge support. Fujian Province government also published document of a few policy in succession, be in examine and approve, financing, do according to, the respect such as the form of investment field, investment, management means, means that use the land offers favourable policy, for Fujian stage flowers communication collaboration provides strong policy safeguard.
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