Wei lane flowers is rented receive the golden week
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Accompany trade of rash stage classics to negotiate the arrival of the meeting, FlowerRent get Wei lane of room of each hotel, conference favorite, and later " 11 " the golden week, also became a lot of dealer door the wedding day of practice, 23 days, the reporter understands, at present the flowers on Wei lane market rents business gradually fire rise.

23 days, the reporter sees in city of anxiety Xin flowers, chief commander of a few booth " flowers is hired place " fascia suspension is in the conspicuous place of stall. "Now is the fastigium that flowers rents, lutaihui arrived, room of each big public house, conference can use flowers to dress up the place some more beautifully. " a booth advocate introduce so, the comparison that will hire a flower these days is much, than at ordinary times portfolio is become more about.

In interviewing, many beginningFlowerHire the vendor's stand that places business advocate express, as a result of Lutaihui and " 11 " the golden week is next to, FlowerIt is a lot of better at ordinary times that the buying and selling that rent is compared.

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