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  350 yuan of riches and honour orchid, 15 yuan of small rose, send out the lily of full-bodied aroma, shiny green happy fruiter... still have a week time from the National Day, the reporter sees in market of garden lake painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, manySpend shopHad acted, introduce large quantities of painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style, expect to be cleaned out in the National Day " a pail of gold " .

Yesterday morning 10 when make, in market of garden lake painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, Spend shopemployee is in nap is firm in the morning airborne the flowers to Nanning. The small store of greenery is sold technically in, counterjumper is changing basin earth up to the happy fruit that just purchased, the happy fruit with tens of basin sleek verdure is washed neatly, flowerpot also plunged into a floret with chromatic paper. Telling a reporter in the counterjumper of hill up, the National Day of in former years can have a lot of citizens and tourist buy, the National Day this year is coming, want to take bit of money more ahead of schedule so.

The small store of orchid is run in, orchid of a few riches and honour are grown in violet arenaceous basin, the make a price of small shop is 350 yuan. Counterjumper says, orchid of these a few riches and honour are introduce Miao Ya from Hunan, carry help advance somebody's career in this locality after Nanning; Place before the section, value the National Day namely this sale busy season. Counterjumper says, because their orchid the way corp is growing is good, often big public house buys a flower, should be ten. National Day grows a holiday to will come, these big public houses should decorate old hall or corridor afresh commonly, estimation can have a few only big businesses.

Be inSpend shop, a male shop assistant wraps up at the same time rose tells a reporter at the same time, their flower is assume air of tribute flowers base from Kunming city carry comes over. The National Day is about, flowers demand big price is high, "Sell 15 yuan rose now, perfume lily is 8 yuan of one branch, arrived the National Day those a few days, not be this price! Affirmative meeting raises price. Last year the National Day, perfume lily sells 15 yuan of one branch! Perfume lily sells 15 yuan of one branch!!

In interview the reporter understands, eachSpend shopFlowerIt is to come from Kunming to show tribute almost, delicacy has this locality " aboriginal " flowers, Spend shop
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