Harbin is bred successfully a variety of can the outdoors flowers of live throug
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The researcher breeds courtyard of Harbin city farming family successfully a few days ago 20 a variety of can the flowers breed of outdoors live through the winter, these breed can assure what outdoors spends chill to survive in the winter.

According to xinhua net report, "Blessing salary is taken an examination of " the time that waiting for breed of a variety of 20 flowers of perennial root cold-resistant is course of expert of farming division courtyard two years many considers to succeed, these flowers not only have blossom to early, florescence grows and be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as microtherm, and still can survive below winter low temperature, thereby leave out a lot of inconvenience that the roadside flowers of cold region needs new reseed year after year.

The researcher says, perennial root flowers is to show flowers plant has powerful root system or rootstock, after constellation puts live through the winter, the 2nd year of spring Ke Meng bud grows. Be aimed at the climate characteristic of cold region, they introduced a variety of perennial root painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style above all, undertake consider and reforming, fashioned good fortune finally the perennial root flowers such as salary take an examination ofing, big beautiful tawny day-lily and peony.

Of these flowers blossom time is in about annual in April end, commonner breed shifted to an earlier date a month, and florescence achieves 8 months above. Because its have adaptability strong, conserve is simple and grow is easy wait for an advantage, had shown wide grow perspective and market space at present.