Wuhan law elegant flower lasts the technology obtains a breakthrough
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A few days ago, the reporter understands from group of Wuhan law elegant gardens, the delicacy that studies by center of research and development of this company Kunming cuts a flower to last the technology gains revolutionary headway, course law is elegant those who deserve to compare is special last product and the delicacy that technical divisions manages cut a flower, in the refrigeratory middleman and guarantor with constant temperature delicacy period can reach a month.

Long-term since, after delicacy cuts a flower to collect, last, cold chain content flows in our country is a very weak link, rate of the loss in road can be as high as 30% to 50% . According to the law Lin Zhigang of manager of department of elegant company flowers and plants introduces, for bring down loss, after this company early begins to begin to consider to collect, last technology, cut a flower to undertake long-term contrast experiments to of all kinds delicacy, those who checked delicacy to cut a flower is optimal last value. "Current, we had finished Chinese rose, carnation, not of the breed such as oblivious of oneself, chrysanthemum last experiment, enlarging other breed. " Lin Zhigang says.

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