Yunnan: Flowers exports statistic to expose 7 big crucial reason
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According to Yunnan the province spends statistic yield couplet, flowers of complete last year province exports the forehead to be 41.5 million dollar, it is 5.22 million dollar only according to Kunming custom statistic, yunnan discrepancy condition examines the statistic of quarantine bureau is 9.06 million dollar. Cruel flower giving the cloud exports number of a group of great disparity statistical disease.

Target of item of a statistic, why to appear 3 kinds of results? As Yunnan province flowers exit combines survey group last a period of time 3 many months, enclothe 32 to involve futures flowers to export production the attune of company of enterprise and goods representative
Check, a few true conditions that reporter understanding exports to Yunnan province flowers and hide crucial point --

Crucial point exports goods the value is disloyal

Investigation shows, yunnan province delicacy cuts beautiful export since 2001 grow in order to exceed the scale of 50% all the time, however exit of much channel of Yunnan province flowers causes error of exit statistic data bigger more difficult even statistic. For instance all computation of Kunming custom included to save flowers company to declare at customs to custom by Yunnan directly only the part of exit, and the data that Yunnan saves beautiful statistic yield couplet included immediate outcome to reach the exit that offer money.

According to investigation, the amount that Yunnan flowers exports for business of division of domestic other province is huge, the flowers amount that Hong Kong changes to exit in Guangzhou and Shenzhen area everyday only not less than 6 reach 7 tons, the flowers total value that exports one year for goods to Hong Kong area so amounts to 6 million dollar about. Still have in addition quite of the amountFlowerWait for national transit to export to Japan, Korea through Shanghai, Ning Bo, Dalian and Qingdao and other places. In addition, phenomenon of smuggling of trade of the edge in the exit that offer money is austere, edge trade exports the specified number year amount to 300 to 4 million dollar.

The expert comments on: Forehead of the exit that offer money is more than immediate outcome forehead far, masked Yunnan to save the real money worth that flowers exports.

Crucial point 2 low costs declare at customs serious

Almost all enterprises all mirror exit to be put in low cost to declare at customs problem, it is importer asks low value of flowers export company declares at customs normally above all. Next, the loss that sells a process and devalue, cause on the low side of value of factual close an account.

Flowers exit weight is custom export figure first quarter 4755 tons, money worth is 1.78 million dollar only, this means worth of every kilograms of money to be 0.374 dollars. The empty freight that goes to Hong Kong with Kunming 4.5 yuan / kilogram plan, kunming goes to Shenzhen average freight rate reachs 2.2 yuan 2 yuan / kilogram, the enterprise exports flowers to anounce money worth not to enclothe even freight. Integrated and computative, yunnan is saved immediate outcome should be in flowers 2004 15 million control to 20 million dollar.
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