Shanghai spends assist secretary-general Cai Youming: Flowers course of study is
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"When I come to motherland mainland ten years ago, our client is the happy farmer that riding a bike, meet to always ask I introduce new product again. " the happy past event since the president of limited company of development of scene of garden of Guangzhou big fellow, Liu Bangxian memory that comes from Taiwan, "These farmer conditions were improved now a lot of, very spellbound however, they do not know what to want, do not know the integral condition of the market, lack confidence to the foreground of flowers course of study. Lack confidence to the foreground of flowers course of study..
What Liu Bangxian says is not individual phenomenon. Current industrial environment lets a lot of generator do not know how to be answered really. As we have learned, arrive from 2000 2003, our country flowers produces area annual growth rate to be as high as 38. 5 % , view and admire nursery stock among them year all grow achieved 46.8 % , overproduction of product of major low additional cost, low class. As rapid as manufacturing area development is adverse, present of unit area sale reduces a current, in last few years year fall amount to more than 10 percent.
"Before 20 years when develop in course of study of our country flowers, it is good luck is more than a challenge, kind whats can earn money, now is the challenge is more than good luck, hold bad likely lose money in business. " Cai Youming says secretary-general of Shanghai flowers association, "Company of partial flowers and plants can say is walk with difficulty, industrial environment is faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Industrial environment is faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion..
Cai Youming thinks " inside care " have 3, above all domestic mainstream breed is more introduce from abroad, enterprise innovation capability is not strong, the variety that should take out to have intellectual property group by group still has a paragraph of longer road to want. This also created a product coessential change serious, must Jew competes. It is flowers market growth is not perfected next. Flowers market is much now it is type of broken wall set up shop, property management company is equivalent to on management, can represent the increase of generator rarely, the current form of flowers is drabber also. Current lag already block up those who produce a standard rise. Finally is professional deficient, did not form very good talent team, of this respect groom also did not catch up with the development of flowers industry.
Meanwhile, the outside pressure that industry of our country flowers faces is greater and greater, it is partial developed country raised trade barrier through the method such as quarantine, 2 it is the to new breed protection on international stricter and stricter. Cai Youming says, because our country is beautiful grass company actual strength is weaker, home is low-level competition more, illegal enlarge is numerous more serious, below current international environment, the exit space of the enterprise, gain space is less and less.
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