Our country cuts Hua Jusheng to produce the current situation to analyse
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Because grow cycle is short, value of the market when busy season is high, investment cuts the production that spend chrysanthemum to make the investment item that in recent years heat of personage of inside and outside of numerous course of study discusses. Value of market of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower maintains steady growth for years continuously, also drove kind of seedling, production, commerce to wait for industry of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower the development of each link, produce an area to rely on oneself advantage to expand ceaselessly individually, cropper fumbles ceaselessly manufacturing mode, breed also is adjusted according to market demand ceaselessly, present diversity. Reporter near future relatively interview understanding home to cut Hua Jusheng to produce general situation systematically, the hope gives authority trifling draw lessons from. Limits yield a division enlarges a characteristic each not identical   and past cut Hua Jusheng to produce concentration to produce concentration to differ in coastal city, in recent years home cuts manufacturing area of Hua Ju to diffuse stage by stage, had spread all over at present except western each areas beyond a few province. The yield with bigger scale of production the area is Shandong, Yunnan, Hainan, climate and content shed a dominant position is the main factor that attracts producer. 2 class produce an area to be a delegate with Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, these region economy environments are superior, development cuts Hua Ju to have a lot of convenience requirements. Fujian, Guangxi, Henan, Guizhou regard burgeoning development yield a division as speed very fast also, besides the consumption inside contented area, other very good complement can have when producing an area to be not worth for goods. Be in afore-mentioned in each producing area, already realized what anniversary offers money to have Yunnan and Shandong only. In two years of in the past, produce an area to also encounter a few problems in developing a process individually. Old Shandong yield a division faces edaphic problem, do repeatedly for years make plant diseases and insect pests serious, and because winter increases lukewarm cost,lift, qingdao and other places cuts Hua Ju to realize year of production hard gradually. Because content shedding, commerce is smooth,wait for an advantage the earliest to attract producer of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower advocate Shanghai yield a division, manufacturing area also decreases in year after year, climate is the mainest factor that the influence cultivates development, the summer and winter illumination time long, temperature and humidity is insufficient, serious effect cuts beautiful chrysanthemum character. Jiangsu serves as development rapid burgeoning produce a division, climate condition cuts beautiful chrysanthemum sound field aptly, the harbor of Su Qian, Home Zhang, harbor that connect the cloud, and other places that be like Gao sustains extroversion agriculture, in addition, because border Shanghai, the content that the product exports sheds traffic condition advantage, drew the look of a lot of generator. Mode of two kinds of production has each short grow to cut what Hua Jusheng produces area and dimensions to expand as home, generator formed mode of two kinds of production gradually: One kind is the area investment that matures in content shedding, commerce high-grade establishment production, improve product quality through technology and manufacturing management; Another kind is low cost investment, extensive type manages, different season is in different area " migrant " type production. High-grade establishment produces an advantage to depend on can making sure anniversary is produced, but because investment is larger, if lack technical management and sale channel advantage, put in bigger risk. And in climate appropriate area uses cheap facilities production, can use cost advantage to enhance competition ability. But reducing cost while, manufacturing venture also can increase, natural climate condition has abnormality a bit, extremely rare generator can invest high-grade establishment, and Yunnan suffers content of be confined to to shed traffic condition progress is slow. The delicacy of the developed country cuts the job of a few flowers of Europe and North America beautiful generator, in and other places of South America, Africa, China investment delicacy cuts the trend of beautiful production to be filled gradually. Of their seek also is the low cost of land, labour force, and home more it is to be forced to take low cost production, the chrysanthemum that cut a flower produces an enterprise to lack actual strength of capital of market experience fire to be not worth mostly, can rely on only reduce cost to be engaged in production. Two kinds of means have accident each, domestic company also explores new manufacturing pattern in actively, use economic establishment condition to make sure stable produce is qualitative, implementation can last for a long time development. Consciousness of authority of breed of risk consciousness weakness is delectable     2007, our country cuts Hua Ju to export Japanese gross to be 60 million about, predict hopeful increases this year 40% , japan, the entrance of Korea measures year after year to increase, home is consumed also year after year grows, potential of development of market of export of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower is tremendous. But the risk consciousness weakness of generator makes a person anxious. Japanese market cuts Hua Ju every price drifts to 100 yen in 10 yen, the price of same product differs inside a year can amount to nearly 10 times, market space is large, the venture is similar very big. In addition, cropper majority is planted the seedling is from numerous for private use, product quality promotes hard, breed degrades those who bring about a product is orderly spend difference to also should cause height to take seriously. The integral quality that delectable is practitioner of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower is rising ceaselessly, a few major are engaged in the investment business of foreign trade adding production of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower in succession, they are familiar with the market, understand trade regulation, the specific aim that the product is produced and sells is stronger, blind investment decreases greatly than the row. The situation with exit onefold breed is improved stage by stage. The bull small chrysanthemum with Japanese current and popular market bundle flower, basically rely on mainland and Malaysia production. Although bull is young the demand that chrysanthemum opposite produces technology and establishment is higher, but the company with one partial relatively mature technology of domestic already began increment enlarge to produce. The summer that introduces from Japan cuts beautiful chrysanthemum breed ' actor is popular ' , export market is very popular, at present domestic major producer hands in breed actively to protect cost, the law with this kind of long-term base oneself upon exhibits generator of the chrysanthemum that cut a flower consciousness is worth industry to draw lessons from.
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