He lustre flowers becomes economic point of growth
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Shandong He lustre, ancient city weighing Cao, it is the countryside of the peony of celebrated China and foreign countries. He lustre helps advance somebody's career peony only then at the Southern Song Dynasty, cheng Yuming is clear. Since axiomatic Qing Dynasty, the course counts the development of hundred years, already became the biggest peony on the world to cultivate now, base of scientific research, sale, travel. Especially since reforming and opening, he lustre peony is to be famous in more global, in chief is seized in appraise through comparison of flowers of home, international for many times, enjoy " the world of armour of Cao city peony " beautiful praise.

During the Olympic Games, many 400 " Olympic Games peony " blossom capital. "Olympic Games peony " it is the summer that He lustre city plans technically for Beijing Olympic Games the peony that urge a flower, also be He lustre city " peony the four seasons blossoms " one of scientific research positive result that the project obtains. This mark is worn this project realizes batch production first.

Nowadays, the flowers course of study that gives priority to with peony already became He lustre the economic point of growth of the richest vigor. But He lustre person regards medicinal material and view as to admire flowers to be planted oneself peony all the time before admire oneself. 1992, via approval of the State Council, he lustre held flower of first international peony to meet. Do beautiful meeting, make He lustre person widened horizon, come to the flowers course of study that gives priority to with peony develop as industry of a pillar.

In recent years, he lustre city relies on development of science and technology to accelerate peony industrialization process. They early or late with China the orgnaization of a few scientific research such as farming division courtyard and institution of higher learing established cooperative relationship, established oneself peony institute and institute of peony flowers scientific research, formed circumference the peony estate division of 35 kilometers, library of peony resource garden, gene has built.

On exposition of grass of the national flower in 2005, include of He lustre peony peony is special award 5 gold prizes. In the meantime, deep treatment of He lustre peony also obtained rapidder development. Use " oil of essence of peony beautiful extraction and yellow ketone technology " peony series of production protects skin cosmetic, welcome by the market.

He lustre city regards the serious content that new rural area builds as development peony industry, give policy to give aid to support with capital. They were registered " China peony city " , " city of peony of an ancient name for China " and " Oriental peony city " 3 brand, still finished mark of country of origin of He lustre peony to declare register, make He lustre peony moved toward the world to have international pass. He lustre still was built in Japan, United States, Canada " Chinese peony garden " . Peony already became stimulative farmer to add close, drive the property of pillar of one big characteristic that economy grows.
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