The birthday of beautiful god -- Hua Chaojie
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The traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary the 15 birthday that are god of the flower in folk-custom, also be the birthday of 100 flowers, call " Hua Chaojie " , say again " spend divine birth " , " 100 earthnut day " . Period gutty flower, admire the beauty of flowers, admire red wait for an activity, friend says " beautiful day " , with the lunar evening of 15 is opposite in August. "100 earthnut day is fine celestial bodies, did not arrive beautiful day half spring; A variety of colour wraps around beautiful, still fatigue ornament congratulate spends a god " . This is the portraiture that folk of old times Changjiang Delta celebrates spectacular event of custom of 100 earthnut day.
Beautiful day reduce expenditure goes at countrywide most area, because situation of the geography of each district, climate is different, the specific date of beautiful day is different also. Some areas with the traditional Chinese calendar Feburary the 2 face that it is a flower, some with the traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary 12 or in Feburary the 15 face that it is a flower. Chengdu is the traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary 15, other place also much will in Feburary 15 it is 100 earthnut day surely, and other places of Beijing, Jiangsu is in the traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary 12, some areas are in Shanxi the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of Feburary 2, with respect to along with the Luoyang that is Henan, unseal, section period also has the traditional Chinese calendar respectively at the beginning of Feburary 2, in Feburary duodenary account, people of Yunnan Dali the Bai nationality criterion the traditional Chinese calendar in Feburary 14 it is annual Hua Chaozhi festival surely.
Hua Chaojie long-standing, be in the earliest of age " contented Zhu Gongshu " in already had account. The Tang Dynasty, period of the Song Dynasty circulates wider. Bright, quiet period, because did not get the advocacy of superstratum ruler and support, when Hua Chaojie is inferior to Songdai so lively, although also have,admire the beauty of flowers, the activity of drinking and so on, but guest of Chinese ink of bookman of much be confined to. The flower is magical, according to legend is the exterminate of children of female younger brother of madam of Northen Wei Dynasty, fabulous she is good at planting a flower to raise a flower, by later generations honour for " the flower is magical " , become draw wrong conclusions by false analogy of beautiful day red-letter day her festival.
In Hua Chaojie, people invites go for a walk in the country in spring giving a city in succession, talk cheerfully and humourously at the same time, admire 100 flowers at the same time. Changjiang Delta is taken, hua Chaojie still has " admire red " activity. People makes red cloth or red paper bannerol or, tangle to the department is on branch of flowers and trees or be inserted in the basin, celebrate birthday for the flower.
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