Flower and archaic folk-custom (2) -- your flower and flower are magical in Dece
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About the fabulous without number of 100 flowers, the fokelore with the made in December on behalf of flower and administer magical flower that makes with 12 months in the traditional Chinese calendar among them makes a person most be charmed. The flower that made this in December and flower are magical, differ because of what area and individual love and have some of difference. The beautiful god of 12 month has a paragraph of beautiful story each.
Wintersweet of the first month of the lunar year spends a god
Having a kind of view is Northen Song Dynasty poetic forest flees, his concealed is on hill of west lake Gu, all one's life not be an official, it is companion with Mei He all day, be called " Mei Qihe child " . The line of his plum that chant " Qing Dynasty of inclined water of thin film horizontal stroke is shallow, month of dark sweet float is crepuscular " be like remarkably original and forceful, became the wintersweet the peak of poetic perfection of noisy through the ages of involuntary discharge of urine, as a result at " thin film " , " dark sweet " 2 words still became later generations to fill in tone name of Mei Ci.
Still having a kind of view is bright generation opera " peony wells balanced " in the Du Li's woman that Liu Mengmei dream plants next encounter to die for affection in wintersweet to him, revive from death of Du Li's mother and willow dream plum are deeply attached to each other later, all previous classics is heavy twists and turns, the lover becomes spouses eventually.
Apricot spent beautiful god in Feburary
What some places circulate is flint person family name, the fire that he teachs a person to take jujube apricot is boiled feed. Return some places the Yang Yu annulus with one of 4 great beauties spends a god for apricot flower. After An Lushan's chaos is appeased, tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang wants to move bury poplar high-ranked imperial concubine, see there is one Linxing flower below Ma Wei slope, accordingly, later generations says Yang Yu annulus spends beautiful god for apricot.
Peach blossom spent a god in March
Say the Yang Yanzhao that is one of Yang Jiajiang of Northen Song Dynasty, he defends frontier region 20 years, frequently defeat utterly Qidan army. The likelihood is him the bandit outside resisting can drive out with respect to wood resembling peach fierce disaster appearance, because this is sealed,spend a god for peach blossom. Say for Tang Chaoshi person Cui is protected, because he ever was written down " person face does not know to go where, peach blossom laughs at spring breeze as before " renown sentence and circulate through the ages.
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