The Spring Festival and year night is beautiful
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The Spring Festival is our country folk the oldest the grandest traditional festival. People reviews flowers of idiomatic of all kinds will decorate a room, add a red-letter day festive atmosphere, such flowers calls year of night flower again. Be in our country vast area, because this is seasonal opened flower sort is not much, accordingly, customarily basically uses the Chun Mei that florescence as it happens opens in Spring Festival around, wintersweet, asphodel to adorn a family. Among them, be in our country folk with daffodil it is year of most popular flower, beautiful flesh of its snow skin, faint scent of simple but elegant, qing Dynasty offers a few proposals, very elegant.
Spring Festival around, what Zhangzhou person has each other to give daffodil He Xinchun is consuetudinary, its implied meaning is the blessing that sends the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day to close friends, wish good fortune as one wishes of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day,
Previously, because flowers cultivates the limitation of the element such as technology, standard of living, natural condition, the people of a lot of places cannot use flower deck house. In those days, people habit buys multicoloured, lifelike silk flower, paper flower to regard as replace. As flowers the development of horticultural career, people can have passed a person to control florescence to come, make a lot of beautiful flowers sort supply the market in the Spring Festival. Take be pregnant to celebrate gladiolus, rose, carnation, orchid, tropics orchid, as small as happy colorific Cang Lan, sowbread, asphodel, schlumbergera, red palm, Jin Jie, crane the Qing Mei that the flowers such as Wang Lan gets person sending a flower fully. During the Spring Festival, each other gives a flower to state blessing, greeting has been become kind of vogue and consuetudinary.
"The girl loves a flower, the boy loves prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun " , when the Spring Festival, the girl that loves the United States is more beautiful below the set off of all sorts of beautiful headdress flower colourful moving. Much minority region is made in our country, also take the Spring Festival seriously very year flower, and still circulating of not rare interest consuetudinary. If autonomous county of path the Dong nationality is connected in Hunan, there is a cock to display beautiful custom during the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day.
When brethren of the Dong nationality crosses the Spring Festival, the head of girls an important matter is chaperon of invite to meet together goes up to hill the azalea of picked like a raging fire. In returning the home, they insert a the most beautiful on coop top to give cock, just hold the flower of the others in the arms in the room next, in the vase that is inserted to the desk, dress up outside and in fierily, beautiful, the breath that lets spring is full of the world. This one custom becomes girls adoring hero, heat is elegant symbolize with a kind of the life.
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