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Cold beautiful integrity in one's old age: Cold flower, the flower of cold weather, integrity in one's old age, the moral integrity of old age. Figurative person integrity in one's old age is exalted. Han Qi of · of the Song Dynasty " heavy this world " poem: "Not Qiu Rong of be ashamed expert vegetable grower is weak, and see cold beautiful integrity in one's old age sweet. " also make sometimes " chrysanthemum integrity in one's old age " ,

Things that are stale and unfasionable: Chrysanthemum namelyChrysanthemum. It is to say the section that weigh this world already passed so, chrysanthemum be about to wither, without what OK of enjoy. Use at comparing antiquated object later. Su Shi of · of out the Song Dynasty " September consolidate of second charm king " one poem: "Meet need not busy compasses goes, things that are stale and unfasionable butterfly also anxious. Things that are stale and unfasionable butterfly also anxious..

Running water peach blossom: Beautiful scenery of appearance spring day, also compare love of male and female. Don Libai " the interlocution in hill " poem " Gong Ran of peach blossom running water goes, a place of unique scenery is not the world. A place of unique scenery is not the world..

Pear flower brings rain: The pear flower that resembles touching raindrop is same. Original shape allows the attitude when Yang Guifei cries, in order to describes charming beauty of the woman after. Bai Juyi of · of out the Tang Dynasty " song length hate " : "Jade allows doleful tear to crisscross, pear spends one branch spring bring rain. Pear spends one branch spring bring rain..

Give Shui Furong: Lotus, just openedLotus. Article of former analogy poem is pure and fresh and natural, in order to describes natural and gorgeous woman after. Liang Zhongrong of · of out the Southern Dynasties " the poem is tasted " in coiling - " wither (Xie Ling carries) Shi Rufu Chengdu gives water, gold of engrave of Yan Ru wrong colour. " make again " lotus gives water " " Chu Fafu Chengdu " or " the hair at the beginning of lotus " .

Lotus and the base of a fruit: Flower or melon and fruit follow the part that branch bine is linked together, lotus, the alias of lotus. Two lotus give birth to one the base of a fruit, figurative husband and wife is deeply attached to each other, it is both and OK to also be compared rival. Piece white the Tang Dynasty · a surname is loose " ancient folk songs with love as their main theme " : "Lotus and of one mind of the base of a fruit is connected, the flower is invaded lie between child the eye should be worn.
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