Nanning to garden plants hanging "ID card" to promote rich cultural science
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In order to further popularize the public garden plants popular science knowledge, rich "Green City of China" garden culture, and recently, the reporter square in the nation, Lake Park and other places to see, the city Bureau of Parks staff began tree listing. It is understood that on the card a total of 895 species of trees, divided into standard card and personal card 2, which has 12,892 standard card, personalized card with 3421. Expected by the end of November to the way the tree can be put up "identity." Many species of Nanning, a lot of people do not know the name of street trees, and look forward path tree put up "card." To this end, starting from July this year, the city Bureau of Parks to actively carry out landscape plants trees that hang nail license and has now completed field survey, data collection and tree brand design, production, installation of tree brand has entered the stage. Note card set is mainly plant trees, solitary plant shrubs, tall rattan plants. Parks and green garden on the import, export, the main attractions of the conspicuous plants, and large shopping malls, railway stations, squares and other populated and the major intersection at the trees, are nailed on tree card. Few visitors at the little nail remote. Plants sides of the road uniform standard card, parks and more with the standard common plant licensing, a number of special attractions and special trees are accompanied by personalized card. That the major brand names include tree species, families and genera, origin, growth habit, the main features and aspects of the landscape uses. Also hope that the public has set the trees that hang nail license to maintain, prevent damage, theft, intentional acts of damage.