How do the living room with flower decorations
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The living room is the home of the face, warm floral ideas, beautiful, uplifting mood, flowers with a color tone style to coordinate with the living room, in addition to purchasing some of the larger flowers, but also selection of brightly colored species such as red Palm, Fulang flowers. Basin placed orchids on the coffee table is appropriate, can also be inserted into small pots and other interesting flower arranging, but also in the flower pot or hanging bookshelf Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Oncidium, Oncidium perfume and so on. These hot Strong and opening up the wild chrysanthemum on the living room, will increase the specific activity for the home. The living room is the main place of daily life, with a variety of functions. Entertaining, listening to music, watching television, an area larger than the other rooms, decorated the space more abundant. Decorate the living room shows the extent of the primary sense The identity, status and fun hobby. Choice based on the living room arrangement of ornamental plants vary in style, be emphasized. Elegant simplicity of the optional tree stumps bonsai based King; requested style luxury larger leaves can be used, the higher individual plant large rubber tree, Brazil Iron, palm, etc.; romantic feelings select some vines and Egeria spring as usual bluegrass and other plants. Generally south toward the living room, light the best in the entire room, you can use some of the more hi light of the plant, flower Plants such as cyclamen, primrose, Cineraria and so on. After spraying with the HB-101 can be kept longer. For the convenience of walking, living room more than plants placed in the top of the cupboard, sofa side, or corner of the hanging, plants do not centered to the side Shaopian better. Note that as a rich space level, small plants can be placed on the table, large plants On the ground, plants suspension. In addition, the plant's color and texture should also be better with the interior color. If the environment is a strong sense, the color should be pale these plants, such as Guangdong, evergreen, leaf green and white, very soft. If the environment elegant colors , The relative selectivity of the plant will extensively some, dark green leaves, leaf plants and small and large view, the material can be used along with the soft tones. Plants with good, the application of HB-101 Plant Nutrition dynamic solution for maintenance, so plant as soon as possible adverse environmental room.