Catch a cold catch a cold of beautiful leaf evergreen handles a technology
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Fall under the circumstance of 5 ℃ in winter air temperature, beautiful leaf evergreen is killed extremely easily by catch a cold catch a cold, if run a meeting not in time,cause death. So, get cold how is corresponding step taken after killing?

Small degree cold kill: Face of blade loses due luster, blade resembles breaking sample prolapse. Answer to move beautiful leaf evergreen the place with higher temperature right now, make return to normal gradually. Notice temperature cannot rise suddenly after fall victim, lest blade wilting. Spend gently cold kill: Blade divides prolapse outside, blade can produce model of boiled water scald cold kill spot piece. The cold spot that gets on blade when processing is cut, the place that moves painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style warmth can.

Spend in cold kill: Blade appears for the most part cold spot, petiole appears spot of shape of water be soiled piece break green. Right now Ying Lianxie takes a handle to be cut, use plant ash or cut of coal ash daub, put warm place next, proper control waters, those who make return to normal slowly. Spend again cold kill: Burgeon new Xie Shi is green, present spot of shape of water be soiled piece, catch a cold catch a cold of subterranean root system and sodden root. Remedy a method to be, dig plant in time case, excise subterranean part, cut go the branch bine of fall victim, after using cut of plant ash daub, store up in wet element sand, hind of beginning of spring undertakes cuttage. If happen serious cold kill, whole plant appears ill spot, rescue a hope very small, lv of take an examination updates flowers.