Fish pelargonium is common the prevention and cure of leaf spot
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Venerate  of every  < of common leaf spot of Bu? Zhu Kui, certain herbaceous plants with big flowers is common of leaf spot preventing fish pelargonium leaf spot is a kind of disease with Chun Xia common season, section of high temperature much monsoon is the most incidental leaf spot, often cause death of major move ill lamina to fall off. Cauline ministry suffers invade catch blacken, wilting, cankered, sliver radical ministry sees vascular bundle change brown, blacken. Fall victim of transplant a cutting cannot rooted, begin decay by the bine, develop up, cause blade wilting death.
One, symptom: Fish pelargonium leaf spot, include black brown disease and speckle defect two kinds.
Shading disease: Spot of shape of be soiled of Xie Shangchu unboiled water, hemicycle comes indeterminate form, the circle is shown after, diameter 2 to 3 millimeter, there is the necrotic spot that caves a bit in the center of. Relatively diameter of spot of a serious illness 6 to 10 millimeter. Often suffer vein limitation to submit irregular form, dark Brown, have homocentric round of grain, layer of less black mildew lays on. Ill spot comes loose on Xie Ban unripe or confluent, serious when blade blackens shrinkage is withered dead. This disease sees more at plant bottom Laoxie, but upside lamina suffers enroach on easily also.
Speckle disease: Circle of spot of the disease on the leaf or egg form, diameter 1 to 4 millimeter, beige, hoar comes the brick is gules, have dark Brown and narrow margin, ill spot is roused a little sometimes below blade, spot range comes loose unripe black bead or other people of account of layer of dark gray mildew.
2, cause of disease and come on characteristic: The cause of disease of two kinds of leaf spot all is above to know bacterium partly inferior door fungus. Stain of indeterminate form brown is by prick dish of Bao bacterium to invade catch cause. Intimate circle grey speckle is by mildew of dot of end Bao bacterium, leaf, carapace 2 Bao are invaded catch cause. Afore-mentioned bacterias all give birth to spore to borrow harships transmission to undertake at Chun Xia season with cent the first time and invade again catch. Especially high temperature is rainy and seasonal incidental disease. Often rely on to water, harships, water splatters take blade, its basically contact transmission through the horticultural tool such as the knife, invade from cut. Environmental moisture, plant has grown close easy come on.
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