Fruiter autumn canal is caught " 4 close "
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Autumn is a fruiter is strong period, the nutrition that establish system is used up big, should scratch good key moisture in the soil, filling fertilizer, clip, prevent kill wait for administrative measure, lay next foundations to realize high and stable yields of in successive years.

One, prevent autumn drought, big waterlogged
1. fruiter autumn encounters drought easily, bring about its Xin Gensheng to grow slow, vimineous lignification is poor, bud is formed hard wait for a problem to appear. Accordingly, want to adopt all sorts of measure pilot a ship into a harbour in time to irrigate.
2. fruiter is encountered big waterlogged when killing, easy cause sodden root. Want as soon as possible to dig channel catchment, strip off the surface soil layer all round fruiter root, in order to raise a temperament of soil, stimulative root system restores to grow.

2, break up greatly reach fertilization
Break up greatly be helpful for activation orchard soil, change edaphic character and granule structure, the soil that makes harden is loose breathe freely, enhance root system bibulous the faculty that attracts fertilizer.
1. the bulk of tree age comes the basis the depth that decides dig. Not the sapling dig of the result 30 centimeters; Those who fill fruit period is medium age tree, turn over 60 centimeters; Big old tree periphery digs loosen the soil greatly 80 centimeters, in order to deepen root system distributinging layer, raise edaphic permeability, protect water to protect fertilizer.
2. if the garden plot is small be short of fertilizer, want employ farmhouse fertilizer to make base fertilizer. Be in commonly September the middle ten days of a month, fill apply pick fruit is fat, the annulus that dig trench applies dung of the night soil of become thoroughly decomposed, circle, green manure to wait, individual plant applies 100 ~ 150 kilograms. Still but proper mix into applies azotic element chemical fertilizer, in order to improve integrated fertilizer efficiency.
3. is in the middle ten days of a month came in August in September the middle ten days of a month, still can undertake fertilizer of gush of face of blade. Gush 0.5% calcium superphosphate add 0.3% ~ fluid of soak of 6% plant ash, or gush of face of blade applies 0.3% ~ the urea solution of 0.5% . Can rise to enhance blade photosynthesis, extend action of blade life and store of nutrient of stimulative tree body.
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