Cape jasmine spends conserve
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Cape jasmine, renown Lin Lan, Mu Dan, Yue Tao, Mu Hengzhi, belong to madder division, changlu bush
Zhi Yu Huajie is white, the flower is sweet full-bodied, except can offer view and admire, also can offer wear, its still can be made if really officinal, have the effect of antiphlogistic detoxify. Additional, cape jasmine Xie Changlu, have fight soot, fight ability of 2 oxidation sulfur, it is painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style of a kind of good environmental protection afforest.
Cape jasmine flower produces our country southwest ministry formerly. Basically help advance somebody's career at present breed and its mutation have gardenia of great part of a historical period (also call big beautiful gardenia) , the leaf is big, beautiful big, heavy valve, sweet thick; Water gardenia, plant is short, beautiful small leaf is small also, weigh valve; Univalve sparrow tongue, xie Xiaohua is small, univalve, much feraller. Still egg leaf gardenia and flocculus gardenia wait.
1, soil: Appropriate is used contain humus to abound, rich acidity soil helps advance somebody's career, this is the key that northward family cultivates successfully. The general and optional Xie Tu that use corrupt adds fertilizer of soya-bean cake of become thoroughly decomposed 1, at the same time mix into enters the vitriolic ferrous of certain amount, or on use after the basin 0. 2 % vitriolic ferrous or vitriol fat water drench fully 3 come 5 times.
2, help advance somebody's career: Undertake with cuttage seedling and layering seedling cultivated, want to make sure the root system of plant is extended adequately, use fine earth to fill the gap in root system at the same time solid, the density of place filling soil is 85 % to control, and should notice to fall to go up closely loose, deepness is controlled 1 centimeter in root system upper part. After growing irrigate in time show water, general with water of basin bottom ooze advisable.  
3, manage conserve: The air humidity that Cape jasmine flower asks is bigger. Watering principle is appeared to work to be irrigated fully, water with rainwater, slush or the has fermented water that clean out rice had better. Growth period every 7 irrigate to 10 days contain 0. The vitriolic and ferrous water of 2 % or use vitriol fat water. Cape jasmine spends summertime appropriate to put the local conserve that there is scattering light below shade, chunxia Chu Qiu often waters and water of gush of face of blade, in order to increase humidity. Winter appropriate puts sunshine part, stop fertilization, water unfavorable and overmuch, often can use the water with room temperature close to rush irrigate branches and leaves, hold face of blade clean, the room that north has central heating is more such. Do not put flowerpot in the front of radiator or air conditioning, in order to avoid blade dehydrate.
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