The summer grows the conserve management of exuberant flowers
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Ji Sheng of? of ɑ of ⒒ of  of ね of collect old  grows exuberant flowers, grow of exuberant flowers raise, grow the conserve of exuberant flowers, the conserve of exuberant flowers is in charge of jasmine summer is jasmine to fill florescence. Sunshine sprays with clear water face of blade, can apparent ground has the effect that blossoms to stimulation. During this, water fertilizer wants enough, with benefit at spending numerous Xie Mao.
Orchid summer gives birth to long peak period for orchid, should assure to grow requires moisture and nutrient. High temperature plum rains is seasonal easy happening anthrax is ill, outside dividing the environment that keeps ventilated and pervious to light, when producing disease, can use the ferry that hold cloth in the palm 10 days every gush is treated.
Azalea summer grows slow, be in half dormancy condition, insolate of burning sun of avoid by all means and excessive fertilize, should undertake shady. Daily water 1 come 2 times, reach region spurt water to face of blade, protect wet drop in temperature. Peony avoid heat is afraid of wet, the summer should connect plant park cool bright to be in, need not water too much, hold basin ground wet can, lest rot.
Chinese rose is fond of fat water, want to make sure water is supplied fatly amply, half month grants every other the soya-bean cake water of become thoroughly decomposed, the middle ten days of a month stopped fertilization in July. The summer is easy produce shading disease and powdery mildew, former with Bordeaux mixture, latter uses much bacterium spirit, in season of every half month is applied undertake preventing and cure.
Milanese happy event is fond of heat solely, the summer grows exuberant. Blossom around, every 10 days use rare vitriol fat water, often to water of gush of face of blade.