OK in August the flowers of progenitive, transplanting
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Month of? of ⒁ of our field of center of cough ass tip is OK progenitive, transplanting, of OK and progenitive, transplanting, the flower with progenitive, transplanting in August air temperature and compared in July, although be reduced somewhat, but should get higher than the average air temperature June much, it is the month in a year all air temperature the 2nd tall month. For this, fertilize to flowers, water, shady the management that waits for a respect, cannot treat sth lightly.
Flowers is progenitive
Sow in August feasible beautiful sort has the grass that sows breed: E of  of  of a low bank of earth between fields of discuss of Hu of disease Qian ⒂ !
In August feasible the conservatory flowers sort that sow basically has:
In the Mu Benhua that can sow in August grass has: Does Kou of archives ぁ ⒂ see a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of canister of ㄓ of two ⒑ Ni take?
Cuttage uses half fine sand ash of half rice chaff makes cuttage matrix, sort of progenitive Mu Benhua grass has cuttage of feasible heat preservation: ⒁ of Α of  of lowing ⒑ of  of Lian of  of owlet  ⑹ crouchs ⒋ of leap up ā to draw out second of babbler of  ⑷ soft-shelled turtle to cross carve of ⒎ of ā of Dun of ⑶ of yo of  of  of ü of Han Ao ⒎ ! Scald in order to remove hairs or feathers of ⒍ of umbrella of nucleus of moss of ⒙ of a huge legendary turtle of な of An of ⑾ of flesh of Gao of ⒅ of Yue Jie of ④ of ā of ⒌ screen  casts aside Jian of fourth ⑷ of Chi ⒅ Yi scrupulously and respectfully envy of desk of ⒚ of ā of cover with a straw mat of  bring a case to court takes Na Chen of astounded of word of blown away by wind of 2 take along sth to sb  of act of our car of Chen of げ of pay attention to of sodden stitch the sole to the upper. Use method of completely smooth sparge, but metasequoia of many cuttage breed, Chi Sha, fall a fir.
Use sandiness loam to make seedbed can continue cuttage is progenitive a string red (violet, white, pink) , globe amaranth (white) , 10 thousand Shou Ju, maidenhair, sulfureous chrysanthemum, wait for the basin goes up after its are rooted, can use as placed a flower to the street November in October.
Grafting is in in August, it is stock with violet yulan magnolia or seedling of white yulan magnolia, way of usable bud grafting is progenitive and good breed white yulan magnolia and 2 tall yulan magnolia; With Mao Tao in those days seedling is stock, plum of peach of peach of green jade of bud grafting breed, violet leaf peach, plum of red autumnal leaves, longlived person, beauty, wintersweet, flowering plum; It is stock with cherry seedling, oriental cherry of Japan of bud grafting breed; It is stock with Mao Tao, Shanxing, bud grafting breed weighs valve Yu Limiao; It is stock with seedling of multiflora rose cuttage, chinese rose of breed of bud grafting breed; With hill Chinese flowering crabapple of Jing Zi, Hubei gives birth to seedling to be stock in those days, midget crabapple of bud grafting breed, hang down flower of filar Chinese flowering crabapple, Chinese flowering crabapple; It is stock with Qing Feng, gong Feng of the engraft that change a coronal, feather maple.
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