The summer of peony garden manages essentials
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword: Archives ぴ is dark south collect unexpectedly the government that the summertime management of garden of Fei? red wants peony garden and land for growing field crops are different, need turns management subtly, and the summertime management content of peony garden is various, it is the administrative focal point in a year.
Fat conduit manages
After entering the summer, water divides capacity to lift and increase as air temperature gradually, at the same time peony bud become divided enters crucial period, this period branches and leaves grows exuberant, nutrient is accumulated quickly, plant increases to the demand of fat water.
The Huanghe valley is in before season comes, Chu Xiayu often has ” of drought of “ bend over, water at this moment should seasonable, inspected particular case to want to irrigate June 2 show water to 3, 7 after coming to entered rainy season August, do not water commonly, if rainfall is overmuch, even seasonable drain flooded fields.
Peony garden summer does not fertilize commonly, if the fertilizer after spring flower is insufficient, also can chase after apply a few compound fertilizer or gush of face of blade is applied 0.2% to the phosphoric acid of 0.3% 2 hydrogen Potassium, fight a gender in order to increase its.
Loosen the soil weeds
Loosen the soil weeds is peony garden summer the most onerous with main job.
Weed the most efficient way hoes namely, and it is complete garden not ground of archives of leave a blank v hoe, this kind v hoe law custom calls “ clean ” . Hoe can keep clear of not only fireweed, still can preservation of soil moisture breathes freely. The following should notice when loosen the soil weeds:
1. Hoe with shallow give priority to v hoe, deepness does not exceed 5 centimeters commonly, common says “ spring is plowed v hoe, summer lacerate skin ” ;
2. Hoe time is decided because of soil moisture content, undertake below good in pluvial hind and soil moisture content of the soil after watering case commonly;
3. Weed want “ to divide small, except early, besides ” . Fireweed begins to written guarantee must keep clear of fireweed clean before the seed;
4. Careful with herbicide, use is improper may injury and peony lamina; 5. Connect overgrowth of the fireweed after overcast and rainy passes, should unplug in time before cannot hoe careless.
To effect a radical cure thoroughly fireweed, especially malign fireweed, a lot of peony garden are popular in recent years the method of a kind of deep turn up the soil, the result is very right also. Particular way is: Before fireweed is flush, peony garden individual plant the earth between travel turns over 20 centimeters greatly entirely, turn over topsoil and fireweed into underground together, on rock-bottom earth face, choose the careless root that breaks up at the same time. Although this kind of method sends work more, but the effect is very good, break up greatly to assure basically 30 run rampant no longer to 50 days of fireweed.
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