Housetop flowers is special careless- - Buddha armour is careless (graph)
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-27 Examine a number: Keyword: ? of appearance of ㄓ of  of leave uncovered of ヂ of a kind of reed, top flowers is special careless, flowers is special careless Buddha, change armour of special grass Buddha, armour of special grass Buddha is careless, armour of the Buddha that use grass is careless (, careless Buddha armour is careless (pursue

What calls “ Buddha armour grass? This kind of grass can plant ” in roof, roof, the dweller of and other places of Shanghai, Guangzhou already enjoyed the profit that the small grass of this kind of energy-saving environmental protection brings, so many citizens express strong interest to Buddha armour grass. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the expert of park department technically with respect to this kind of grass.

Does Buddha armour grass grow what sample? Look to resemble weed a little, but had comparatived to do

Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in the carport roof of city park bureau, this kind of grass green oil is oily, height has 34 centimeters, the bine is fine, whole shows bend to lie shape, touchdown partial part the section is rooted, leaf has 3 ~ 4, grow round the bine like the wheel, leaf grows thread form or show wrap around needle form.

Place of afforest of city of city park bureau concerns expert introduction, this kind of careless appearance resembles weed a little, but visit water quite, and need not often arduous clip, had comparatived to do. According to introducing, buddha armour grass belongs to a kind of vivacious herb of red-spotted stonecrop division, have exceeding cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure drought, but the extensive management, amount that feed oxygen is large wait for a characteristic, use at housetop afforest to be able to draw a share harmful gas, purify air, release a large number of oxygen, with respect to ” of green like a natural “ lung. In the meantime, buddha armour grass is in induct noise, increase air humidity, alleviate hot island effect of the city, reduce the respect such as heat radiation and smooth pollution to also have very good effect.

It is good that Buddha armour grass has many? Afforest weather station can drop in temperature 5.8 Celsius

According to Zhongshan undergraduate content prevents key laboratory of home of manage state affairs the research of presiding professor Peng Shaolin, effect of be heated island is affected, urban temperature should compare a suburb on average tall 3 Celsius. And Huanali is versed in the university passes 3 years dog consider to show, cultivate the afforest weather station of grass of armour having Buddha, temperature of clingy roofing place is more average than naked weather station low 5.8 Celsius, afternoon 2 when can reduce 7 Celsius 30 minutes more. According to the count that Japanese forestry hall and arrange of U.N. environmental protection make, urban afforest leads every to rise 1% , temperature can reduce 1 Celsius, dirt can decrease 15% , urban afforest area exceeds 60% aux will be able to to reduce hot island effect greatly.
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