The nursery stock of road greenbelt combines an analysis
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-26 Examine a number: Keyword:  of  of cable copy leave uncovered takes the nursery stock form of greenbelt of road of? of let down with a rope, the nursery stock of greenbelt is combined, changing the nursery stock of the belt to combine minute of road afforest is the main component of urban greenbelt system, also be urban landscape scene is important reflect. On the base that already built greenbelt, put forward the following new ideas to be used at coaching the green ribbon henceforth is built.
1. The notional —— of “ unifinication ” considers environment of urban viatic periphery, implementation is optimized use
“ administration has division into districts, the environment does not have border ” , what the “ border ” that is unit with road belongs to with its necessarily or connective area produces connection. Active town planning system, differentiate the city with the ground for different functional area, attributive and different function unit (if road puts in administer road sign 's charge) develop construction, and different unit entrusts different unit to undertake the environment is designed in different period, cause road afforest to be the same as road the afforest of auxiliary unit combines two side poorer condition. In already established the city zone at present broken wall is fully green, wait for the case that builds new developed area not to set enclosing wall as far as possible to fall, how to coordinate the greenbelt of inside and outside of unified road red line to build, to urban landscape character is very main. “ unifinication ” is a scientific an organic conception of the human body. Apply the concept of urban big park, unite a program, unite the greenbelt construction of inside and outside of executive road red line, become mutual to break up, close each other for mutual union, implementation is optimized use, create favorable zoology environment, will be henceforth one of should consider issues that road greenbelt builds. In addition, unifinication design can reduce the amount of do poorly done work over again of the project.
2.“ connects the notional —— reasonable close planting of the ” that appear a gender, the clearing in reservation forest
On the foundation that advocates zoology gardens energetically, road afforest should be connected appropriately fully, especially fruticose cultivates density to should be reduced appropriately, leave Youlinzhong clearing, make its make a plant natural updated ground, and attract wild animal. When road two side have beautiful building or when favorable afforest environment, the afforest of pavement should be connected as far as possible fully, be helpful for airiness already, can have favorable landscape effect again. And, connect appropriately appear a gender, the nursery stock demand of road afforest can reduce on certain level.
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