Nursery uses the method of herbicide
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Type: The net is spent in Origin: This station is reprinted Newer: 2008-8-27 Examine a number: Keyword: What Jing of  of trade of Jin allow A Chinese-style unlined garment loves? garden to use herbicide is square when herbicide is used in fruiter nursery, should grow according to nursery stock, fireweed and weather situation will decide the sort that use drug, the form of a drug, dosage is mixed use method, often cannot get ideal otherwise weed the effect, suffer medicine to kill instead. Employ herbicide can adopt below in order to two kinds of methods:
One, sparge law: The herbicide the form of a drug that suits sparge has but oil of wet sex powder, breast and water agent. Ask sprayed mist nods a diameter to be under 100-200 micron commonly. Mist drop is too big, adherent force is poor, light prediction of a person's luck in a given year; Mist dot is meticulous, be blown easily by wind, adherent quantity decreases.
The appliance that preparation needs when dispensation has: Water jar, pail, filter gauze, agitate appliance. Measure to make make up medicine accurate, ought to decide the container, calm dosage, capacity that decide water, can avoid to make mistake so. Dosage should the size according to container, use balance or more accurate small balance metage beforehand, it is good to distribute a packet, every deserve to put a packet. Delimit with fixed pail on mensurable waterline, take water by ration every time. Good the officinal gauze bag that has said, with a few water is deliquescent, next the residual eliminate in gauze, join dilute of place water requirement, mix officinal juice namely. Also but will mensurable medicine dissolve at a few in water, sufficient agitate is become mushy, the water mix of rejoin ration is even, it is medical fluid namely. Water is measured with every mus 30 kilograms - 50 kilograms advisable. Liquid medicine should deserve to be used now now, should not be long put.
2, poisonous indigenous method. Poisonous earth is mix with drug and fine earth and become. Fine ground is common it is better to had been sifted in order to pass 10-20 date screen. Earth does not want too dry, also do not pass wet, hold a group in order to use a hand, loose land group is automatic and diffuse advisable. Earthy quantity is applied with can be being scattered it is equably accurate, general every mus are 15-20 kilogram. So dust, can mix directly earth; Breed so oily, use water dilute first, reoccupy atomizer gush mixes on fine earth divide evenly. If the dosage of drug is less, can use first a few after earth and drug are mixed even, after mixing with total volume earth again, scatter apply even.
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