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Name: Bluebonnet (German national flower)
Course: Feverfew
Seasonal: 4-8 month
Area: Europe
Bluebonnet Centaurea Cyanus Linn.
English name: Cornflower

The door: Angiosperm door (Magnoliophyta)
Key link: Dicotyledon key link (Magnoliopsida)
Eye: Chrysanthemum looks (Asterales)
Division: Composite (Asteraceae)
Belong to: Composite (Asteraceae)
Plant: Bluebonnet (C. Cyanus)

Alias: La Furong, emerald green orchid
Beautiful words: Happy
Spend character tea language: The halcyon blue eye shot in corn field.

Home distributings
The each district park such as our country Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Heibei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hubei, Guangdong and Tibet, garden and campus help advance somebody's career generally, for viewing and admire. Xinjiang, Qinghai may have nationalization ease to be born. This kind is a kind of ornamental plant namely, also be a kind of good nectar source plant at the same time. Edge flower is OK diuresis, fluid of complete Bi soak is OK bright eye. Achene oil content 28 % .

Abroad distributings
Europe, Russia (Caucasian in reaching inferior, Siberia and far east area) , North America. Mode specimen is collected from Europe.

Configuration feature
Just a little year female flower, much more ramose, gao Sheng is planted reach short unripe kind, individual plant tall 30-90cm. Branch slightness, much more ramose. Cauline leaf has white continous hair, foliaceous line form, whole reason; Cauline ministry often has a tooth-like part of anything or feather crack. Capitate top is unripe, brim ligulate flower is funnel shape, petaline brim belt is dentate, central flower manages account, show white, red, blue, violet wait for color, but it is blue more. Florescence 4-5 month. 7-8 month collect seed, will sere inflorescence collects next insolation, threshing stores up.

Grow characteristic
Bluebonnet bine is erect, branch slightness, much more ramose. Foliaceous line form, capitate, very unripe. The flower is bigger, flat funnel form. Design and color has blue, violet, pink or white. Florescence is long. Bluebonnet produces European southeast ministry formerly, cold-resistant sex is strong, happy sunshine, do not be able to bear or endure nether world is wet. The soil that asks fecund, wet, drainage is good. Root system relatively develop, reason also can grow in barren land. Florescence is in 4~5 month. Breed uses autumn sowing method more, 9~10 month undertakes the seed sows, should can transplant when Miao Changzhi is 10 centimeters tall, after transplanting again field planting, field planting distance is 20~40 centimeter. Growth period notices to water, fertilization and intertill weed. Seedling period wants nob to pick a heart, with hurried ramify, make plant short change, also can blossom more.

Grow characteristics
Adaptability is stronger, like sunny, do not be able to bear or endure nether world is wet, must grow in the place with sunny, good drainage, otherwise constant because nether world is wet and cause death. Relatively cold-resistant, be fond of Leng Liang, avoid is burning hot. Happy event is fecund, loose with the sandiness soil with good drainage.
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