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Daisy is detailed brief introduction

Kind Chinese name

Kind Latin name
Bellis Perennis Linn.

Kind alias
Chun Ju, equestrian orchid headdress flower, margaret.

Division Chinese name

Division Latin name

Belong to Chinese name
Daisy is belonged to

Belong to Latin name

Name origin
[Sp? P1. Ed. 1: 886. 1753]

Chinese plant records

〗 of 〖 geography distributinging circumstance

No matter be distant boreal Europe, still be China, see the plant in this everywhere, because,its Chinese name is it and chrysanthemum very elephant, be line leaf, distinction depends on chrysanthemum leaf growing and curly and sleek, chun Ju is smallish and straightforward, seem unformed chrysanthemum. Friend name

British Shakespeare is in " Hamlet " in the daughter-in-law of depict Denmark king - Aofeiliya goes mad in casting a river to make fun of that, aofeiliya is singing the folk song that writes oneself at the same time, braid anadem at the same time, in those 4 kinds of flowers, among them one kind has daisy.

This is the rosemary that expresses memory; Sweetheart, you are being written down; This is those who express an idea is trichromatic Jin. This is the fennel that gives you and funnel flower; This is the compassionate grass that gives you. One branch daisy is here; I think you a few violets, but my father dies, they withered entirely.

She will rosemary and trichromatic on the seat that Jin puts in Hamlet, hand queen fennel and funnel are beautiful, give king and oneself rue, namely compassionate grass, the elder brother takes daisy, give of gone father is a violet.
One day, she takes the advantage of a person unprepared sneaked away to come out secretly again, come to the brook by, knotted with daisy, nettle, wild flower and fireweed a small wreath, mount a willow next, want to hang wreath to the wicker in extending Xiang He, can be branch broke off; The wreath that the Aofeiliya of beautiful chasteness is carrying her to make up fell into water in. The garment unlined upper garment that begins her to still rely on softness is being held in the palm in the float in water, desultory still hum the music that singing a few not to know is what, as if a bit to also did not care about the disaster that oneself suffer, perhaps as if the spirit that she lives in water namely originally is same. But before long, her dress immerses heavily to rise with respect to water giving a river, the song that she still does not have there's still time to sing Na Zhiwan to turn, sink in water, on ground of leisurely of a fragrant fetch heaven.

In addition, its France is called Margaret, no matter be " after Ma Ge Wang " or " camellia daughter " , when their author is explaining their beautiful name extend the meaning this potential meaning.
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