Chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday
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10 thousand Shou Juxiang fine brief introduction

[Chinese name] chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday
[formal name] Tagetes Erecta L.

[alias] chrysanthemum of chrysanthemum of smelly lotus, 10 thousand Shou Deng, beehive, smelly chrysanthemum, scorpion

[classify] composite (Compusitae) , chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday is belonged to.

[producing area] produce Mexico formerly, help advance somebody's career extensively now.

Configuration feature

Annual herb. The bine is erect, brawny, much more ramose, individual plant makes an appointment with 80cm high. Foliaceous opposite or each other are unripe, feather shape is cracked completely. Lobation wraps around needle form or long quadrature circle, have toothed, the reverse side of foliaceous predestined relationship provides oily gland to nod, have strong stink. Capitate sheet is unripe, it is ligulate flower completely sometimes, the diameter is made an appointment with 5 - 10 ㎝. Ligulate flower has long claw, the brim knits music. Beautiful yellow, olive or orange is lubricious. Florescence 6 ~ in October. Achene line form, have aigret.

Help advance somebody's career breed is changeful, have knit valve, broad segment or section, tall model, big flower.

Characteristics feature
Be fond of sunny environment, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure arid, grow below much wetter climate undesirable. Lax to land requirement, but with the soil with fecund and loose good drainage had better.

Breed helps advance somebody's career
With sow breed or cuttage breed.
March the last ten-day of a month - sow at the beginning of April, gemmiparous comfortable lukewarm 15 - 20 ℃ , a week of emerge after sowing, the seedling is provided 5 - field planting of 7 true Xieshi. Spacing in the rows 30 - 35 ㎝.
Cuttage appropriate is in 5 - undertook in June, survive very easily.
Management is simpler, to the front of blossom from field planting every 20 days fertilize; Pick heart hurried ramify.

Pigment of chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday

Different name: Gold contains element of design and color; Marigold Pigment;
Composition: Xanthophyll (Lutein) with Huang Su fatty acid ester, the 2 palmy ester that are like xanthophyll (Helenien) wait for xanthophyll apperception to close matter.
Property: Orange yellow comes cinnamon lump solid, do not fuse at water.
Origin: With chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday (also weigh pot marigold, tagetes Erecta L. ) flower powder is raw material, use the natural pigment that modern biology technology is extracted and becomes.
Utility: What wait with grease food is beverage, cold drink, cake, chromatic, for maize colorant.

Value reachs utility

Court helps advance somebody's career view and admire, or decorate flower bed, beautiful border, also can use at cutting a flower.
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