Chrysanthemum of golden small cup
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Chrysanthemum of golden small cup is detailed brief introduction

Chinese name: Vulture paddy?
Formal name: Calendula   Officinalis
English name: Pot Marigold
Alias: Small cup of pot marigold, gold, immortal chrysanthemum,
Small cup of sober up flower, asphodel, gold.

[science is classified]

Bound: Plant kingdom Plantae
The door: Angiosperm door Magnoliophyta
Key link: Dicotyledon key link Magnoliopsida
亜 key link: Chrysanthemum 亜 key link Asteridae
Eye: Chrysanthemum eye Asterales
Division: Composite Asteraceae
Belong to: Chrysanthemum of golden small cup belongs to Calendula
Plant: Chrysanthemum of golden small cup is planted C. Officinalis


Individual plant of chrysanthemum of golden small cup is expensive 30 ~ 60cm, for biennial herbaceous, entire individual plant by white fluff. Unifoliate each other is unripe, elliptic or elliptical shape pours egg form, whole reason, base foliation has a power, upside Xie Ji holds a bine in the arms. Capitate odd unripe bine supports, body is large, 4-6cm, ligulate flower round, or many rounds of open and flat, golden or orange yellow, tubular flower, yellow or Brown. Also have heavy segment or section (solid for ligulate flower multilayer) , roll valve and green heart, modena spends a heart to wait help advance somebody's career breed. Florescence 12-6 month, fill florescence 3-6 month. Achene, submit boat form, ungual form, fruit is ripe period 5-7 month.


Be fond of sunny environment, adaptability is stronger, ability - 9 ℃ low temperature, be afraid that sizzler is enraged. Not choose soil, with loose, fecund, small acidity soil best. Can sow oneself. The adaptability of chrysanthemum of golden small cup is very strong, grow fast, relatively cold-resistant, not choose soil. Soil of ability barren drought reachs shady and cool environment, in sunny reach fecund region to grow good.

Chrysanthemum of golden small cup is biennial female flower, complete bead have hair, foliaceous each other is unripe, show long elliptic, base the ministry holds a bine in the arms. Lower leaf shows the bine spoon form, for green; The flower lays head for the top, sheet is unripe. Every flower side beautiful is ligulate flower, tubular flower is in the center of, have Huang Hehuang brown two kinds of color. Florescence with 2—4 month best, the summer also blossoms, other each months all fragmentary flower leaves. Achene, the seed is dark black.

[producing area]

Chrysanthemum of golden small cup produces European southern part formerly, disgraced bound each district has help advance somebody's career. Thompson · of England the company of Dan Qijie flowers of company and Israel is in Morgan the breeding of chrysanthemum of golden small cup and producer face are famed at Europe.

Main breed

State · state (BonBon) , individual plant is 30 centimeters expensive, flower is compact, beautiful diameter 5 ~ 7 centimeters, design and color has yellow, apricot yellow, orange to wait.
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